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flow of changes...

being struck hard by the cancellation of a partnership for a business...someone else leads you to another idea...or other interesting collaborations show up...

wondering how to get your designs done...a designer is crossing your way...

need help to find producer in china...somebody knows somebody with experience...

stuck in financial problems...you do not only get opportunities for making money (not sure about the offer yet)....but...while looking for a job a headhunter turns out to be a business angel and investor as well....

being kicked out of love ....a friend confesses his loving feelings to you giving you comfort but also confuses you because he is about to conquer your heart....

just try to get everything done and solved step by step....the changes in my life come so fast this year that it is hard to keep up with them...

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I hope things will turn around for you. The ups and down are so extreme I'm not sure if there's anything you could of done to prevent it. I'm not sure about your last statement about "kicked ou of love" but having another person love you is always better no?
almost 11 years ago
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Lets hope that you will get some positive changes in ur life.We all face this kind of ups and downs in our life,more or less.U r a good fighter and I believe u won't give it up.
almost 11 years ago
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I saw your word ,I just say to you :"you will be stronger,your everything will be OK!"trust yourself ,and keep your confidence . whatever it is change for you ,your life still be happy ,because you have us ,your friend . so ..you saw my log ,I am so happy ..I love samlleville so much ,I saw all the season,very good America Opera
almost 11 years ago
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Dear, maybe you can focus on one thing and get it done first, always by your side....I didn't realize till something happened that every thing will change even for those you thought it won't
almost 11 years ago
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Here for you dear. Interesting but deep realizations, Silky. We should go on a spa day together. That would help detoxify the massiveness of the flowing change. Contact me if you like, dear. In care,Kathleen
almost 11 years ago
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oh! Silky: I'm sorry to hear that you say,,, I thought that you & life has pressure,maybe u need to set free & rest well,then u will be fine & better,right ? hehe,,,,sometimes my life is also full of pressure,and then I will ask for leave to my company,haha,,,,, Anyway!! I hope that you be fine soon,,,take care~
almost 11 years ago
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Grab life by the horns and hold on. Sounds like you are having quite a ride this year. Best of luck in all your efforts.
almost 11 years ago
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Hang in there!
almost 11 years ago
Firce moi
Came by to say hi and I get strike by this, poor thing =( Hang in there and remember after every hardship,come ease. This will only make you stronger and better. Keep your head up girl. Much love,♥ ♥ Zai/xxx
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