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Euro Cup final: Germany : Spain ^^

So who's going to win on Sunday ? Suggestions anyone?? I kinda crushed yesterday afternoon - I was sooo freaking tired that I went to bed right after work, slept for some hours and went back to bed after a pizza ....seems I like I need at least one evening in the week where I do not have any kind of appointments

I just hope today is going to be a better one - we are going to have somethine to celebrate tonight - more later

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SPAN!!!!!!!!!! for sure i vote 4 spain!!!!...i dun like ballack...he quite ego..n Germany send OUT portugal..(...BUT i knw my dear pretty will vote 4 GERMANY..right? anyway..both of the team r not my favor hihi..so COS my pretty, I choose to give up any of the parties..hihi
about 12 years ago
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I 'm sorry but I have to say Spain have a better chance to win the champ. I guess Spain will win at 2:0.
about 12 years ago
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Luck for both! :)
about 12 years ago
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This will be a coin toss .. both are good teams...
about 12 years ago
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Silky, Maybe you could have a home warming party for your new apartment.
about 12 years ago
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Euro finals is a sob story for us Brits :(, what a pathetic display my lot did!. Hope you had a nice celebration
about 12 years ago


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