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denial of the heart

I am in the daily fight between ratio and heart for almost two months now and the fight is still going on...starting anew every day...wondering for how long it may go and what the result may be...at least managed to find a healthy distance, able to concentrate on work but also seeing a negative impact on my body...which is more tight than ever and also feeling a tiredness in the heart...but there's no solution to the whole thing at the moment...so life goes on....

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it is looks very sad's blog ! what's up ?
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We may think & not understand that the other person is the source of delight-that he is the pill of love. Love not being understood become tightness. Believing that this is the source of joy. True love is not depended on any 1 object. True love is the natural energy of our settled mind, an inexhaustible resource that we cultivate w/ appreciation & discipline. When we experience this we experience virtue.When negative emotions have the power to rule us love becomes a volcano. We need to cultivate the soil like a garden so the seed of our love grows open etc..If we water it & give it air & sunshine it will grow. Now notice what happens when we water it too much or give it too much attention. Just like in Tai Chi when we move out of our center are we still in our center. I feel the tightness may be closing of your open heart. To help that even sitting in a chair w/ a back rest w/ your arms out to the side leaning a little up & back may help that. Your choice on that if you want to try that or not.All in all just being happy for this person showing love & kindness will open. Really discover & explore if this is truly what you need. Hope this can help. All in All have faith surrender it to God. He will be happy to help. ;)
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Everyday I see you go through things with your heart silky. I wish I had a answer you wish to hear. You know already that as a human and as a woman.. we tend to want most those things we can not or should not have. And it is disturbing to know we will never have what our hearts desire all the time. Some times it may feel as if it will never heal or that your soul is slowly dieing.. But I can say from the deepest part of me... Life is stronger inside you then you believe it to be. One thing I keep in my mind and in my heart is.. if it doesn't work out then it wasn't meant to be. Even though it is hard to walk away from it, you must find your streagth to allow your heart to give up on that desire. Desire can kill one.. can leave you lonely and un able to feel alive.. untill soon your body will slowly kill you. Don't let empty desire wash away your life.
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I pray for peace and strength for you in Jesus' name! [BIG HUG!!]
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I shall say NON... but our home is allways open if you wan'na smell fresh air.(I try to keep it fresh)
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Hang in there, Silke! **HUGS**
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Thought you would like this: NO SKY IS HEAVY IF THE HEART BE LIGHT.-Winston Churchill
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