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This evening, as we met for dinner, I planned to confess a chinese friend of mine, that I fell in love with him despite his new girlfriend. I actually asked him out several days ago to meet up one-on-one because I had something personal I would like to talk with him about. But during the evening - we had delicious hot pot and I let him get the ingredients from the buffet this time - I noticed that it felt wrong to talk about this. I started several approaches but simply didn't manage to lead the conversation into the right direction. So i finally decided that it is better to keep my mouth shut about it.

It felt as if I would not only have destroyed a pleasant evening with a friend but also a growing friendship. It felt as if I would destroy the trust he has in me and I value this more than my desire for him. And it payed off. He invited me to come to the place where he lives - he lives in another town close by - and spend some time there with him if I find time. It is not easy but it's worthi it. I waited for this invitation for quite a long time already...He has a lot of time at the moment because he is working for a big consultancy company and they do not have that many jobs due to the crisis at the moment, but still plenty of overtime to get rid of.

Maybe he can be the shoulder to lean on I am seeking for for quite a while already, because we can talk about everything, without being my lover/boyfriend....there is also another candidate for "lover" in the air...as soon he gets rid of his overweight and his selfconfidence back....guys

It is two a.m. now and I hope I finally find some sleep after this confession....

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Must have been difficult but it sounds like the right decision and he seems to be a great friend.This other guy sound intersting hope things go well.
about 11 years ago
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lol.. Silky love the face it made me smile. Thanks --Have a beautiful Sat & Sun Silky. =)
about 11 years ago
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My gosh silk, I guess I have to really read your blog on time now. It's a difficult decision to make and must be hard to love someone and have to watch him from afar but you seem to treasure his company as much. I do believe in faith and if it mean to be (and I sincerely hope it is)...maybe someday, he will realize what a catch you are....
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