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Business contact, friend or what?????????????

Okay, I got in touch with a highly reknown person from the egyptian real estate industry and a member of the egyptian high society via another business platform. We started to send messages and talked about business and a little bit about other things. Usually it's nothing wrong to meet each other in real life for another meeting. Unfortunenately (or luckily) I didn't get back to him for while because I was busy with relocation and so I missed the first opportunity to meet up with him here in Frankfurt while he was in Germany to visit one of his sons, who lives in southern Germany.

Yesterday he invited me to meet up with him in London . Okay, I thought, this might be a good opportunity to get to London after almost 20 years and the flights were really cheap. But then he started to call me "honey" and "darling" and send me kisses in his messages and my alarmbells started to ring the first time. This made me cautious and I asked him about his intentions but he never told me directly what he wanted. All he said was "don't worry", "it's all up to you" and things like "you won't regret it"... .

Luckily I decided to chat with him before I really buy the flight tickets and this was a good decision (he even offered me to pay the flight ). There he started to send my way to many kisses and flowers and he desperately wanted to see me on webcam. Somehow mine didn't work but his worked so I could see his face life. Then he got a little bit more "direct" (don't worry, nothing offensive happened) and this made my alarm bells ring the second time, because his intentions got obvious now, though he still behaved like a gentleman (Hell, he could be my dad  and he's grandfather already). He was really crazy for me .

I finally decided to cancel the trip and blocked him on Yahoo and Skype, but he still has the opportunity to get in contact with me on the business platform. If he "behaves", then we can stay in touch...if not then I will send him back to the desert where he belongs, though it is a pity because he might be an interesting and important business contact . But all he wanted was a lover or even more ??? I'm even not sure if this was his intention from the beginning...

This incident just showed me again, that it is hard to distinguish between the generousity in hospitaly of people from the orient and....

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Wow!!! yeah be careful Silky!!! I know this is going to sound horrible but men from those countries can get very possessive...I'm not say all of them, but some of them do...just be careful!! *hugs*
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hahaha.... Well, Gentle Flower of Desert?!!!! You have appeared a prickle and have broken his old, but quivering heart...hihihi... As you could so to act with he...?!!!!! My silk friend.....
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People from the orient are not usually generous. Thank goodness for the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I know I am not supposed to judge but what came to mind is he could have approached many others with the same motive.
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Yeah, be careful~~Silky, but usually Asia ppl are shy and won't behave in this way. Oh, he's an egyptian then I cannot judge as I don't have any idea on Egyptians~~But I know some guys from those country are really possessive as A said.
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Yeah you need to be careful. It's unfortunate but it's hard, especially for girls to be kind and friendly, and not have people add 2+2 and get 5. Hope you can both remain as business contacts.
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*if not then I will send him back to the desert where he belongs* Hahahaha! It was a very good decision Silky. No pain no gain. There is no free lunch! Regards my friend.
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Oh my gosh .. good thing your alarm bells went off .. that's scary.
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Maybe he wanted to add you to his harem! ;P Yikes! Stay away from him...make sure he knows that you are business-only. If he is harassing you through work, you must tell your Human Resource manager (or equivalent) that this is happening. Always look out for number one! (That's a saying we have here meaning you have to watch out for yourself.)
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hi Silke..JRS is right.. this is kind of men should be avoided at all cost.......but dont be biased toward asian men coz of these...this kind of behavior is common among muslim and brown Hindu india...they cee every women as objects not someone who has equal right like u.....im glad u think twice...cheers
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thanks my friends - first of all I worry about myself - I wonder what made me even consider this meeting >.<
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hahhaa.. sound's like fun.. you should have agreed it, rip hes money's and get back to german :D
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nooooo Jani - the price would have been to high...
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