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Hello guys,

just want to let you know that I am safe back home. I am really sad, that I had to leave the great community behind we had on our unit. My roommate was really, really sad, but she got another sweet girl as a new roommate, so she will do better soon. I am also thankful to the staff there as they helped me a lot getting closer to my "inner me", open up and getting over some old wounds, keeping me away from living my life.

In the past few days, the arrow of a cupid hit me and made me leave my heart behind. He came to hospital last week, due to a terrible accident at his job he is not getting over by himself and I met him on our two-hour-hike last friday, which is open to patients from all units who have the fitness to take part. He is tall, sportive with asian look, though german - probably due to one of the many migration waves and invasions europe experienced in the past 2000 years. We tried to spend as much time as possible together, though hiding, because couples among patients are not really welcome. I took the many insect bites with dignity or tried at least. He did teakwondo , karate and military close combat so I feel well protected and can learn efficient self-defence from him . Otherwise he is a sensitive man and a real sweetheart.

In a few weeks I will enter daycare for further therapy for several months.

(photos will follow soon)

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Frankly that worries me. You are at the most vulnerable now and working on yourself, emotions are heightened and you are essentially out of your element, and it's natural to gravitate to someone (kinda like what happens on vacation...but afterwards may not work). This guy may be the perfect person for you, and he may make you laugh, and he may have qualities you like, but just be careful. Why? Primarily because unrequited love or a bad relationship mess is not what you need right now, for your own mental health's sake. I've seen you go into a tailspin before because of a certain man.... On the other hand, this may just have been the fortuitous meeting that all of us would like to experience. Find out more about him and see him outside the setting of the hospital. Have fun but hold back enough until you're sure. Just be careful, that's all I'm saying. Otherwise I am glad to hear you're doing better and you're home.
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Good to hear that you are back silky dear! *big hugs* I'm happy to know u met someone who makes u laugh but light Flagday said..be careful~
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I'm pleased to see you on the road to recovery Silke, it's a long journey but you've made that major first step. This gentleman sounds lovely protective and sensitive. Take Care Silke.
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Think positive. We are all with you. There is something to look forward to. Keep us posted. I will continue to pray for you.
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welcome back sweetyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy to know ur in good health ♥ congratulation ur love feeling :D thats so awsome that u find some one care & love u ^^ all the best dear sis :)..with all my loveeeeeeee hugssssssssss & kissssssssssssss
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