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Something I've learned out of the breakdown from the beginning of this week is that if I do not learn to canalize my anger/rage those breakdowns will happen again and again. Usually I am a well-balanced person and Taichi is fine to keep me in this state as long as possible. But if something makes me outrageous I need something else to get rid of my aggressions/rage and one way is total physical exhaustion. I already tried it with ice-skating but my legs and butt are not in the shape yet to lead me to this aspired state. Seems like I need something more aggressive like another kind of martial arts. As far as I got it right my martial arts academy where I study Taichi is going to change the concept and class schedule and is going to offer Sanda (san shou). I think I should give it a try.

Actually this means to give my aggressive/passionate site a right to exist, to express itself...because otherwise the anger/rage turns against yourself and leads to depressions and in my case, serious backpain at night which I can only stand with painkillers...

Oh and something that belongs to my recovery program are books by Francois Lelort and Thai massage for my back...

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Glad you shared your technique for dealing with these sorts of feelings. We all have them & it's interested to hear your conclusions. Trying situations are soooo challenging to go thru, but they teach us a lot, I think. :)
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maybe u need a coach to push you. :P i once saw a comic strip of a swimming coach on the pool deck and a swimmer in the water. the second picture shows the coach holding a sHark and yelling "I SAID FASTER!!!!!!" while the swimmer's 2 hands became 10 hands, his face terrified... eyes poking out and all. haha i hope your back gets better. ;)
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Every once in a while, I get so worked up I also have to physically exert myself by working out. Once, we were on a highschool field trip, and a friend made me furious. So, I ran up all the flights of the stairs of our hotel to get it out... it worked... took me longer to come down, lol...
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Do not have expectation and you will not have disappointment. It is the disappointment from expectation that drag us down most of the time. Aggression leads to guilt and it is more damaging.
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Back problems. Mine is the result of bad posture and of course hormones.
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Hi their Silky, Hope you are OK?? You seem to have a great head on your shoulders. Go for it. It does help.. Believe all of us need ying/yang in our lives to balance ourselves out. That's why 'LOVE TKD'. Ahhh... the essence. Can't imagine holding it inside (a big bubble ready to burst. Yikes! ;) Would love to know how this turns out for you & if you are ok? Take care of yourself ok Silky. Namaste'& Peace
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Massage good.
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Being unbalanced isn't good....What is good, though, is that you recognize that you need something more. Give san shou a try! It might be just the thing you need.
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Live and let live... 无狎其所居,无厌其所生 (Lao-tzu) Past is what does not hurt anymore (Emmanuel Kant)

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