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after three days of unpacking and installations...

...m apartment looks like this now. I hope you see the progress compared to this blog entry

On Saturday I filled the rack in the rear of the apartment (some boxes need a closer look, though):

and some boxes are still left, because I did not define the definite place of the belongings in there yet.  My Desk is hidden behind these boxes... My father came on Sundays to get the two hang up the two cupboards so that I was able to unpack most of my kitchen...I knew that I was well equipped but I didn't remember having 12 white wine, 12 redwine, 12 sherry glasses and 6 special glasses for pilsener. I also found out that I have more than 6 thermos flasks . I'm sure I unpacked almost everything except some spices and various herbal tees, but I still miss some cups of my china ...

And the result are six boxes (mainly banana boxes) filled with paper...

And my dining table is not at his definite places either...

...but I think the I did a big progress the past three days...and I have holidays for the rest of the week so I am optimistic that it's going to look a lot better by the end of the week..

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hih hih hih.. ya got stuff girl ;)
over 12 years ago
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Dear God from Heavens!!! You have to give a GREAT OPENING party to celebrate! You have a lotta stuff girl! The kitchen is getting ready! =) Thanks to *dad* huh? What would be a women without a man? hahahaha Huuuugs!
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What a load of things to unpack and stuff in that space.
over 12 years ago
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Boxes... :S
over 12 years ago
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hehehehhe......it mus be really exhausting for U...after u r done with arranging go for party..hehehhe..tak care
over 12 years ago
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It's starting to look like a home now rather than a storage shed...I should fly over and help you unpack stuff while you're at work all day...give me something to do and you can have your stuff unpacked a bit quicker...
over 12 years ago
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This look really scary. 3 days huh...look like another 3 days sis.
over 12 years ago
Jrs 8c 1405439596528
WOW! You've been so busy! I'm sure it still seems like the tip of the iceberg, though....you'll get through it! **hug**
over 12 years ago
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It's coming along lovely , you have a lot of stuff to sort!. Good Luck :)
over 12 years ago
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OMG!!! for sure u will have BUSY holidays....
over 12 years ago
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Are you getting the urge to get rid of stuff? If all this was packed up for a while then that means you lived without it. My old b/f used to have a "one-year rule"---if he hadn't used it for one it was gotten rid of in Spring cleaning. I could never be that brutal or disciplined but now's an opportunity to say....that's from a prior life and I'm getting rid of it. Honestly? It looks you made great progress but if you end up unpacking everything, it'll be total clutter. I like the kitchen. By the way, call me stupid but what's the difference between red and white wine glasses???
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Lucky you... It's almost over with you, this moving disaster.... We are still waiting our own chaos, hahaha! About two weeks from now we hopefully can go to our new home. And then I have to start this unpacking session. Hihi. (laughs and cries at the same time) I'm sure you will find a place for all of your things, looking good already! :)
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Good luck girl... & after things are nicely placed...it's time for House-warming party ; )
over 12 years ago
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woooow! :O
over 12 years ago
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looks like you are making great headway! sounds like you almost finished... hope you don't end up with boxes that do not get unpacked.. I still have several boxes left to unpack from a move a few years ago.. :-0)
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oh,you haven't settled down so far.but just as you say,you have done a big progress ya!! congr! add oil:)
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