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Ion Orchard Event by Shyalala featuring Van Ness Wu and Devin Aoki

Van Ness Wu and Devon Aoki were among the guests at a launch event that Shyalala organized at Ion Orchard in Singapore.

Van Ness wrote a great blog about the event, please check it out!


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Esprit Tiger Tee Prize Presentation

Congrats to all the winners once again, the winning tee shirts are now on sale at Esprit stores across Hong Kong and Macau!! The tshirts looks great and I am wearing one at work now!!

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Esprit in Marketing Interactive

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Design Esprit Year of the Tiger Tee

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Blog: Monday, Dec 7

The New Faces of Esprit were chosen to represent a cross section of stories and friendships that expands across boundaries. We believe that friendship can happen between any age, race or background. We hope these stories will demonstrate the depth and span of what it means to be a friend and the enduring stories that are formed out of true friendships.

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Blog: Tuesday, Nov 24

Congratulations to all the designers! The event was a sucess!

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ESPRIT Year of the Tiger Tee Design Competition

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Blog: Tuesday, Nov 10

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vmoPbOIO64

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