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Black Friday and Valentines Day

Hmm, a Black Friday before Valentines Day.

Well, Black Friday over here. Thanks to AnD, I discovered that the concept of Black Friday is different to those on the other side of the world. Over here, whenever the 13th lands on a Friday, it is Black Friday. When all those superstitions and bad luck gets worse. Guess today's not the best day to be organising your Valentine occasion or present!

Just done all my washing. Now I gotta go pack.

By the way, totally luving the benefits of being a flame member...Read more

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Finally did some touristy stuff!

I skimmed through 8 pages of feeds before giving up. I'm actually rather tired, so I don't know why I'm on here.

I got to see some of the Glass House Mountains. We went to the main one but it was closed off, so we went searching for other lookouts. We thought they were all gonna be crap ones, til we got to the fourth mountain, which gave a pretty good view. I suspect the first one would have had a similar view, but from a different angle.

After lunch, we took a ride up Mount Mee. It was a really lo...Read more

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Eumundi Markets

Managed to get out to the Eumundi Markets today. Last night it rained, and this morning was pretty cloudy, and it was forecast for showers later in the day so my friends left an umbrella out for me. I had considered bringing some mini shorts with me (I wore ones which came down to just above the knee) but I couldn't fit both the shorts and the umbrella in my bag, so since it looked more likely to rain than be overly hot, I chose the umbrella over the shorts. You can probably guess.

I caught the 8:56am bus to Nambour. It should hav...Read more

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G'day mate!

Greetings from Australia!

Have so far had an awesome time. Have spent two days on my own while adults go to work and their little girl goes to kindy, but still had a blast checking out their movies on their xbox. I know, typical me. I did try and go out and catch the bus to the shopping centre this morning, but I got to the bus stop and realised the bus that passed me while I was heading to the bus stop was the last one for 45 minutes! They have two lines which run every hour. Unfortunately, both buses are around the same time, so the...Read more

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Bye, Wellington

The party was mostly a success. First guy turned up at around 3:20. Next person at around 3:45. Since when we normally have parties, people turn up before the start time, my mum was beginning to wonder if anyone was gonna turn up. But, since I experienced the whole guests turning up whenever they feel like it at my friend's birthday party a few weeks ago, I wasn't too worried. What I was more worried about was someone turning up fairly early who didn't know anyone else.

Anyways, no one was willing to sing SingStar, but eve...Read more

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The GO Concert

Man, this week's a busy week!

Video: http://www.vimeo.com/1087269

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIVmJAAwq4Q

The GO Concert, The Street City Church, Friday 29th August, 7:30pm

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Kim Phuc

Kim Phuc speaking at The Street City Church, Saturday 30th August, 7:30pm.

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Happy Anniversary AnD!!!

Bit belated, but Happy Anniversary/ Birthday, however you want to look at it.

I'm totally exhausted right now. My mum's two sisters from Auckland came down to visit last night, and they spent ages chatting away, and our walls are really thin, so even though I was exhausted last night, I couldn't get to sleep. I mean, I have enough trouble sleeping when it's quiet! I'm such a night person. I can sleep to my heart's content in the middle of the day, but bring on the night, and I have to force myself not...Read more

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Genuine artists to be?

So, Andy Lau, Anthony Wong, Chin Ka Lok, and many other artists have recently become members on this site. Is this just the guys from the office creating them all in preparation for when they'll all barge in at the same time as official artists, or is someone being cheeky?

They look genuine enough. Plus all their guestbooks have been disabled from non-friends. So I think they're genuine.

Good on ya guys, it's a real good haul!

Read more

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