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Life in Hong Kong

My life has taken on a pattern now. I wake up, go to Yum Char with my granddad and "poh poh", go home, bum around, have lunch, head to Harbour City in TST, go home, have dinner, bum around, and go to sleep.

LOL, I used to think our family was pretty Chinese, cos we ate Chinese for dinner almost every night. Now I have Chinese almost every meal! I never noticed it when we came here on holiday, cos we always went out during the day, and only ever ate one meal a day at my granddad's, and only if we were staying there. When we stayed at a hotel, we hardly ever ate at granddad's. My friend talked about how she had to go out for yum char every morning whenever she came to Hong Kong. I now understand how she felt!

I can't wait til I get my own place (with a shower!) and buy myself a toaster! And some cereal! My friend asked me if they even sell toasters in Hong Kong! Haha, I'm sure they do. They must, since so many expats live here. I can't wait til life takes on more of the pattern I had at home. I don't normally eat breakfast at home, but I'm sure I'll have the time now. Unless I have to start work really early and I live fairly far away from where I work.

I've been spending my afternoons in Harbour City cos I can get access to free wireless internet here. As soon as I've finished lunch, I head straight out. There's nothing to do at my granddad's. There used to be lots of stuff to watch on tv whenever I came to Hong Kong on holiday and it used to be really bad cos I struggled to decide whether to go out or stay in. Now, I can't wait to get out cos there's absolutely nothing on tv!

I've applied for two jobs so far. One of them sounds really, really nice. It's in Sheung Wan and all the details suit me really well, so it's the one I want most, but I applied for another one which sounded pretty nice too. Then I got frustrated and gave up applying for anything else. I always spend ages writing, cos I have to make everything sound perfect, so every email I send is (mostly) different to each other, and focus on the points outlined in the ad, and it always takes a lot out of me just to apply for one job.

But apparently I'm really good at writing. I had to send out warning notices to all staff back in my last job, and always got emails back saying how well I wrote the email. It was really nice getting those emails. I should have printed them out and saved them to use in my applications!

They were actually discussing it at my first farewell function. One of them said that the Deputy Chief Executive was talking to them about one of my warning emails (people were stealing biscuits which were meant for meetings before the meetings had even started!) and said to them "I think we just got told off"! LOL, I couldn't stop laughing at that.

Anyways, the last few days have taught me that I can't stand Chinese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can handle dinner, but not lunch, and definitely not breakfast! I slept in the last two days so I could avoid it for breakfast! Haha. Didn't work so well yesterday though. As soon as I got up, they were like, "right, let's go have yum char!" LOL! But this morning, poh poh went out and bought me some sandwiches. I'd come back fairly early on Tuesday, and bought a sandwich to snack on so she must have figured it was a safe bet. I figured I could sneak out before lunch (there is one programme on at 11am, which is pretty good, so I watch that) but she'd been cooking lunch while I was watching tv and by the time it finished, lunch was almost ready and she made me stay for lunch.

Sigh, I guess that's life in Hong Kong.

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Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
Oh god...I miss walking out for cart noodles in the morning. Can't do that shit in Toronto.
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call me again when you're ready to stay out past dark! ;-) actually... do you like biking?
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