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Getting lost in Mongkok

So, I'm really stubborn.

I was searching for the Ladies Markets cos I wanted to find a few things which I figured I might be able to get for a nice price at the markets. I had a quick look at the map when I got to the station and headed to the correct exit. Unfortunately, I didn't check to see which way I should be headed. I must have gone round and round in circles for ages before I decided to go back into the MTR station and have a look at the map to see which way to go. Anyways, I didn't find what I was looking for at the markets, but decided to go to the street full of electronic stores, which I'd walked past on my first search of the markets. But now I couldn't find that street! And I was too stubborn to give up. I think I searched for half an hour before I decided I'd gone in too many circles and finally gave up.

I didn't really wanna go back to my granddad's yet, so I decided to go to Jordan and try the Night Markets, see if there was anything there yet. This market I knew how to get to. I don't know why I didn't know the directions to the Ladies Markets, considering I've been there so many times, but I just really didn't. I either go with other people, or just stumble across it, so I've never really known how to get there.

One thing I did discover was that Jordan's air is fresher than Mongkok's. It's a really weird thing to notice I guess, but New Zealand has fresh air. The term “just going out for some fresh air” is much more accurate when used in New Zealand than in Hong Kong. One thing I did worry about when I decided to move to Hong Kong was how bad my lungs were going to get with the bad air. I'm exposed to a lot more second hand smoke over here. And then there's the smog. And the summer air. I remember almost suffocating last time I was in Hong Kong, which was the first (and so far only) time I'd been over in the summer. I'd been standing in the street with my mum and the luggage waiting for my granddad to come down and pick us up, and after about 30 seconds, found it hard to breathe. I really thought I might suffocate! And then I got light-headed when I returned to Wellington! Too much fresh air!

Anyway, I returned to Sham Shui Po and decided to try Fortress World. I'm looking for a memory card reader. I bought one off TradeMe back home, but my sister uses it too, so I decided to leave it at home and figured I could find one easily in Hong Kong. I should have just bought another one off TradeMe and brought it with me. Then I could have transferred the photos I took in Australia onto my friends' computers too. Anyways, I found some at Fortress World but they could only read SD, mini SD and MMS cards. Mine's an XD card. I decided to ask them if they had any which could read XD, but left after waiting about 15 minutes. I'd gone to Watson's just before that, and waited 10 minutes at the counter before I gave up and decided I would get the stuff from Wellcome. Not impressed with the customer service I've received so far! And I just realised I never got the item I was really after.

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it's because the wind in Wellington blows any smog away away. haha I'm sure you will find your way to the ladies market like it's second nature after awhile
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there's tons of place to get the card readers in sham shui po's computer city.... (or wanchai's)
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