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Fun filled weekend

I had so much fun this weekend. I went to another Jeff Caylor show, I went kayaking in the rain, and I finally went to The Peak and did - absolutely nothing!

I'm saving my touristy experience of The Peak for when my mum and sister arrive in August. We are so gonna do everything! This trip for my mum was supposed to be a school reunion but they postponed it due to swine flu. Just after mum had finally booked her tickets. So she's still coming, but not for as long as she anticipated.

So Friday night I went to another Jeff Caylor show, this time at Backstage Live. I've never been there. It was a much smaller place than I imagined. But a really good vibe. We watched some guy named Rupert Stroud from the UK before The Jeff Caylor Band went up. He did a cover that I recognised. I tried singing to it, but soon realised I didn't know most of the words - I just knew random words at the end of sentences.

The best part of the Jeff Caylor Band performance had to the be the MJ bit. I couldn't get a very good photo (you can't really see their hats) so they looked much cooler than this:

They sang Man in the Mirror, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough and Smooth Criminal. Awesome. Hats off to you guys!

At one point, I could smell something weird and Jeff said the stage was on fire, but they kept the show going.

The show lasted til 12:30am, and I had to be in Sai Kung by 9:30am, so I didn't get much sleep before the kayaking. But I must have gotten enough cos I was pretty good for most of the day. I didn't do much of the kayaking. When we discovered there were three-man kayaks, the person I partnered up with suggested we split up and tag onto another team, so I joined another pair and there were only two paddles on our kayak, so since I was in the middle, I didn't do much paddling. But I did do some! Whenever one of them stopped, I would take their paddle and help the other, but whenever it was just us girls, we were much more in sync, but we moved much slower than when the guy we were with was paddling. You really noticed the difference. I was exhausted by the end of it, and so was everyone else. A bunch of us went to Tequila Jacks in TST for steak, and most of us were falling asleep on the minibus ride.

It rained every now and then, but I found it really nice. For some reason, I felt like the rain was much fresher out there than in the city, but I think it was more psychological. I would have preferred to stand out in the rain when we reached the second of the two beaches that we stopped at, but everyone headed for shelter when the rain started getting heavier so I joined them. I had my camera with me in a waterproof pouch that I found at the 7-11 where we were meeting in the morning, so I got a few photos.

I didn't originally have plans to go to The Peak yesterday. Our care group, which meets Sunday afternoons, is taking a break for the month, so I had absolutely nothing to do for the afternoon, and one of my friends had a whole bunch of people with her visiting Hong Kong, so I joined them on their trip to The Peak. I didn't go see anything, but when my friend and I went to go meet up with everyone else, and we were taking pictures, a huge cloud was coming down just in front of us. It was moving so quickly, it was like watching a show. So I snapped a few shots.

I took a video in between these two photos, so another whiter cloud had started to move in from the other side, at which point the rain also started.

Overall, a wonderful weekend. I've actually had a few of those. Sorry for not blogging about them. Hong Kong has definitely been much more eventful for me than Wellington. Mostly cos it's easier to get everywhere.

Hope everyone else also had a wonderful weekend.

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Awesome weekend.
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damn it was hella cloudy!
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Photo 23166
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wow, scary!
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