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Fun filled weekend

I had so much fun this weekend. I went to another Jeff Caylor show, I went kayaking in the rain, and I finally went to The Peak and did - absolutely nothing!

I'm saving my touristy experience of The Peak for when my mum and sister arrive in August. We are so gonna do everything! This trip for my mum was supposed to be a school reunion but they postponed it due to swine flu. Just after mum had finally booked her tickets. So she's still coming, but not for as long as she anticipated.

So Friday night I went to another ...Read more

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101,401 visits

Shoot. I missed seeing the 100,000 mark. I swear I was still a few thousand away when I was last in, and I know I wasn't being visited as often as I used to, so I really didn't expect to have passed that mark already.

Aw man!

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Blog: Friday, Jul 3

Wow, umm, it's been a while, huh?

I guess I don't really have the excuse of nothing happening in my life, cos my life is definitely much more eventful than when I was home in New Zealand. I guess I tend to feel guilty for coming on to the site when I should be applying for jobs and stuff.

So, umm, what's been happening with me? I've had 7 or 8 interviews since arriving in Hong Kong. It took 3 months before I got my first interview, so they've all been in the last few months. Slowly getting there. Even i...Read more

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What Birds Dream

LOL, I'm not sure why it's called What Birds Dream, but I love the album. I went to Jeff Caylor's CD Release show two Fridays ago and had an awesome time. Very different music to what I got at the Anniversary Party, but it's the type of music I like listening to. When first listening to the CD, I felt that I enjoyed listening to it live more, but now I love the album as it is too. His first album, Okay, I also bought. Jeff Caylor is one talented guy.I got him to sign my CD. My accent did not do me any favours.Then I bumped in...Read more

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Jeff Caylor this Friday!

Just a reminder for those of you in Hong Kong who aren't doing anything Friday night.

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Jeff Caylor and Jonathan Lee

So, I've been talking to a friend about this site, cos I was talking about coming to the Anniversary Party, and she told me that she checked out the site and discovered that one of our church musicians is on the site. I checked out his page, and he's an official artist. Yay! Anyways, he's got a CD release party coming up on the 29th May, so anyone who is in Hong Kong, please support!

She also mentioned someone else and I found out that he's an official artist on here too, so I guess I am remotely connected...Read more

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AliveNotDead 2nd Anniversary Party

Oh shoot. I got mentioned on a few blogs, so I guess I gotta at least say something, right? I know I've been MIA for a few months now. Since I don't have internet access at home, I like to make the best use of my time on the internet by focusing on applying for jobs.I'd been invited to several AnD parties, but because of my current living arrangements, it's kinda hard to attend late night parties. I almost made it to one two weeks ago, but there was a minor hiccup (um, like me getting lost in Central!) and I...Read more

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Life in Hong Kong

My life has taken on a pattern now. I wake up, go to Yum Char with my granddad and "poh poh", go home, bum around, have lunch, head to Harbour City in TST, go home, have dinner, bum around, and go to sleep.

LOL, I used to think our family was pretty Chinese, cos we ate Chinese for dinner almost every night. Now I have Chinese almost every meal! I never noticed it when we came here on holiday, cos we always went out during the day, and only ever ate one meal a day at my granddad's, and only if we were staying there. Whe...Read more

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Getting lost in Mongkok

So, I'm really stubborn.

I was searching for the Ladies Markets cos I wanted to find a few things which I figured I might be able to get for a nice price at the markets. I had a quick look at the map when I got to the station and headed to the correct exit. Unfortunately, I didn't check to see which way I should be headed. I must have gone round and round in circles for ages before I decided to go back into the MTR station and have a look at the map to see which way to go. Anyways, I didn't find what I was looking ...Read more

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I'm in HK!

I've made it to Hong Kong and have finally found somewhere I can tap into the net from my MacBook. I knew Starbucks had access, but I don't know any Starbucks near Sham Shui Po, where my granddad lives. I did a search for wireless hotspots, but had to rely on memory cos I didn't bring pen and paper with me to the internet cafe and couldn't find it when I went looking for the one place I did have memorised so in the end just travelled to TST to find a Starbucks. Which only gives me 20 minutes to catch up with everything! I wrote...Read more

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