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I am in Beijing now.

Hey, hey...! I am in Beijing now , so excitting and love the snow!!! I can't beleived that it's my first time see the SNOW om my B'day-(Nov.12.) these years and my middle name is SNOW as well...Ha...! What a perfect timing!!! 

Well, I'm trying to move to BJ and this trip gonna be the first move and poke in to the BJ film industry.I am also looking-forward to meeting the new people here -- I'm arranging a event over here. Once I'm set then will post it on AnD. Please feel free to contact me if you are basic in BJ and WELCOME come to my event & party. Here is my China cell: 86-13049368949. My email:    OR

 I am look forward to your feedback.


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The Fashion Shoot, 11042009

This is the new fashion & beauty photoshoot for 2010 from yesterday. Actually, I did all the makeup & styling myself, hope you all like it. Well, for the copy right we can not add more pic's on AnD in the moment, But once  it get done I'll post on AnD the first time, ha,ha..!!!

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Hogan Event at Convention.

Well, it was really FUN in the Hogan party last night, especially when I ran into some of my old friends. You don't get that a lot--to run in to old friends at same time in the same place, right??? 

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Halloween party with alivenotdead at Zuma !

What a Fun Halloween party!  I love Alivenotdead--The best Halloween party in town! 

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Miss Asia Beauty Pageant 2009

Yes, it's an other year -- The great undertaking thing in HK is Miss Hong Kong  and then  Miss Asia pageant come after, what a fun!  The beauty of  Miss Asia in this year is really interesting---Most of them are come from China and TaiWan and Macau. No more ABC's..?! Ha, ha...! Good, we are all chinese and grow up on our own land, he,he...!  :)

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The HKTM & KanchanCouture Fashiom Show

What a great show !  This fashion event is organized by HKTM & KC, it's really pomp and noisy with lot's of FUN...!!!

Well, I've modeling for Kanchan's fashion show twice and I really love her style. Hope you guys like her work.

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My Fashion sponesor Franch Designer : Yves Castaldi

Video: What a great opportunity to work with the famous Franch Designer - Yves Castaldi !  I am also got a sponsor form all the collections of Yves Castaldi's . Oh, so exciting and can't wait to wear His designed dress to presenting The Awards  in Shang Hai and Hang Zhou. Yes, I'm leaving on Aug/18/09 to Nan Jing first and than Shang Hai to Hang Zhou.  Yves Castaldi will come to Hong Kong as well for Miss Asia beauty contest as judge and sponsor. If you are interesting in his fashion, you can goon YouTube watch his vedio - Yves Castaldi dresses Gilles Marini from Sexy and the city movie,,, Yves Castaldi dresses Dmitry Chaplin from Dancing with stars.... Theres many vedios and his fashion line and website as well... 


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Chinese Musical- "Butterflies"

I do believed most of you never seen this a WONDERFUL & AMAZING Chinese musical called - "Butterflies" ! (It plays in HK culture center, TST).  I've been seen twice already, but still not enough-The story, the music, the dream world, the lights, the colors, the movement,  those people & butterflies and every part of it is catching my heart.! The melody and appearance is always going around and around inside of my mind...! I just could not move on... It's really hard to explaning to you the reasons & details, you just have to see it on you own...!!!  Tomorrow it's the last show, hope they will come to Hong Kong again...

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Fashion Shoot of 2010 HK-NYC. Photo by: Tim ...Read more

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