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Should I ??

Hello gals Thinking about growing my hair back, probably not as long as before like the one above. Or should I keep it short?? give me some suggestions.

哈囉女孩們!在想我頭髮是不是該留長點, 可能不止像以前那樣﹖又或許我該剪短髮﹖﹖ 給我點意見吧。

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keep it short!!! I love ur hairstyle on Leslie Kee 's album.Maybe my suggestion comes too late...sigh~ BTW, heavy hair deflowers brain cell.I feel myself not as intelligent as before since my hair grew longer
over 12 years ago
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okay, I have trouble with myfeeds refreshing and sometimes I can make it refresh by going back to the earliest myfeeds and working forwards (don't ask) so I know this is really dated but yeah, I concur with freshdolly, you look good with longer hair, but you look better with it short =)
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