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little sketch book

random i know. kid in class came up to me and said its a 'funny bird'

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the high end of low

we turn literature into litter

we dont believe in credibility, because we know that we're fucking incredible

dont wanna be a victim, be a killer with a gun so they call me a hero

just got the new track

very different from the last album

very different from the previous

supposedly very different from the rest of the album

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Blog: Sunday, Mar 15

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Blog: Friday, Mar 13

bla bla bla yeh?

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. p o r t r a i t

Made i n collaboration with neo :  www.neo-innov.fr Florian Nicolle

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family values

did this a while ago - was some submission to a competition over the net


family values tour 2007

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Florian Nicolle Collaboration

Liked each others work so decided we'd do a collaboration for fun

Florian Nicolle


(check his work out its awesome)

here are Florian's drawings

the ones i got sent to work with

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back to school

i love going through old files

i found some cds the other day

one of them happened to have an unused power point from high school

with lots of black and white images on it

ib art 2005

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i looked away. you were on fire


i love

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGqZx2k7jVU

some drawing i did while sitting waiting for my food in whats that place called easy eatery??

got the funniest look from one of the waiters who walked by

like waaa what da shit is that

got a collaboration with a talented graphic designer i got in touch with recently from france ill try get going with soon. just doing it for fun.

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