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    + www.shannlarsson.com

    + www.facebook.com/shannlarssonsart

    + http://shannlarsson.tumblr.com

    + www.inside-artzine.de
    + www.burrowmag.com
    + www.disuye.com
    + http://galleri.hk/galleri.html (GalleriFOUR Issue (Winter 2008)

Vital Stats: Shann Larsson

  • Member for: 2237 day(s)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 27
  • Birthday: January 14, 1987
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Languages spoken: English, German
  • Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
  • Astrological Sign: Capricorn 12/22-1/19

About Me

"Shann Larsson’s art is a poignant introspection of the darker recesses of human subconscious. A mixed media artist, Shann uses paint, photo manipulation and her own unique style to create her intense pieces."

Over the years Shann has shared her work on her numerous websites, but has also been published in a few ‘underground’ art magazines including: Burrow Magazine (New York), Inside-Artzine, (Germany), Dark Spy Magazine (Germany) as well as Galleri Magazine (Hong Kong) featuring CD artwork for musician Dan F.

From recreating figments of her imagination as a child, up until this day she continues to create her personal artwork, unspoken inspirations by the details that form the various responses to life, death, beauty, decay, the decay of beauty, the beauty of decay and forms of the human condition.


+ www.shannlarsson.com
+ www.shannlarsson.tumblr.com
+ www.facebook.com/shannlarssonsart


Visual Arts – Free lance CD cover artwork
2007 A Spring Day Failure
2008 Dan F: Rendition
2010 Craig Key: Walls and Barriers

Video/Film Production – Personal Assistant with Dig Deep Entertainment, music videos and film production:
2007 ‘Dead Air Space’
2007 ‘GSIS Shoot’
2007 ‘To Build a Home’
2008 ‘Club Go Go Girls’
2008 ‘Blind Generation’
2008 ‘Maitreya: Lotaluv’
2009-2010 Short Film: A Little Less Conversation by Digger T Mesch – Assistant Art Director
(Set Props, Set Design, Make Up Effects)

2008 Trailer: The Meta Secret – Assistant Art Director

Interior Design:
2009 Dharma Den Bar (Hong Kong) – Interior decoration and painting

Design & Graphics:
Freelance design for promotional materials with Harmony Tree:
- 2007 ‘Between the Lines’
- 2009 ‘A Load of Rubbish’

- 2006 Philip George Salon - Name cards, and contact material
- 2010 'Orphans' Directed by Ahmed El Alfy - theater Poster and promotional material
- 2011 'In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play' Directed by Ahmed El Alfy - theater Poster and promotional material
- 2011 'An Inspector Calls' Directed by Candice Moore - theater Poster and promotional material

Published work:
+ www.inside-artzine.de
+ www.burrowmag.com
+ www.disuye.com
+ http://galleri.hk/galleri.html (GalleriFOUR Issue (Winter 2008)

Events / Exhibitions:
07/05/10 - UFO Gallery (Hong Kong)
"Dead Art Comes Alive" Exhibition

12/04/11 - Damina Gallery (Hong Kong)
'101 Faithful Friends' Exhibition (collaboration with sculptor Phil Hayes)

06/05/11 - WeSC Hong Kong Jam Session Event at Club Fly
(live drawing)

03/06/11 - Black Vulture Gallery, Philadelphia (USA)
'Speaking In Tongues' Exhibition (Group Art Show)


For freelance art/illustration/design work please contact

Current online portfolio - http://shannlarsson.carbonmade.com/



  • Favorite Music: alternative rock, industrial, metal, weird instrumentals, atmospheric and the deep heavy melancholic dark sounds coming from finnish and scandinavian bands
  • Favorite Movies: requiem for a dream, american beauty, eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, american history x, hedwig and the angry inch, white chicks, clerks-II, pulp fiction, blood diamond
  • Favorite Tv Shows: six feet under, nip/tuck, prison break, my name is earl, heroes, true blood
  • Favorite Books: the sickening mind, the long hard road out of hell, heavier than heaven
  • Favorite Faves: gottfried helnwein, floria sigismondi, alex pardee, samuel bayer, tim burton,

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