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Thinking Stone & Iranian Dream

Time to catch up on things with AnD ;)

dear lord, where do I begin. So long story short... halfway through my graduate program for an MFA in Directing. Also studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse for Acting. Partnered up with my great friend James Chen for "Thinking Stone Productions" and have been working like mad on film projects. Made a short film "The Iranian Dream" which has been a huge success, just got into our first film festival today (if you want to see the film email me and I'll send you a private link). Got three major short films coming up in the next few months. One is a romantic Comedy "Tall Shortie" , one is a Film Noir and the last is an anachronic Drama Thriller with my bro Wu Di.

Aright... I'll update more as it comes along :D

Love you all

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2009 Holiday Gift Card

Howdy AnD,

Here is a nice little Holiday Gift Card I worked on one day with my good friend James Chen. Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas


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"The Iranian Dream" a sneak preview

Hey there A&D folk,

here is a rough cut sneak peak at my upcoming short film/documentary called "The Iranian Dream"

I hope it gets you excited ;P


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Short action flick with Wu Di in Beijing (summer 2009)

After a long wait, I made a little music video style edit of the 1 day film production Wu Di, me and an awesome crew of Chinese badasses worked on this past summer. Some girls in my class dared me to edit it to Mortal Kombat, so here you go. Hope you guys enjoy


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"Mafia" game short film

Hey sexy people,

Here is a nice little short film directed by my brother from another mother James Chen, sometime last year. It was for a 48 hour film festival, and this director's cut was just completed.

Hope you enjoy it

ps. thats my current house we're filming in :D


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my brother kenny's short film

Hey there AnD folk,

Just wanted to share with you a short film my closest friend and brother acted in. He is a brilliant human being and star on the rise, so I thought yall would like to see him doing his thang. He has a good monologue from 3:00 to 4:00

ps. Dont get too excited, I have first priority with him for any movies I make :D


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hilrious video

Hey alive people,

This video was just too funny for me not too share :D



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2009 China trip,First Feature film and 48 hour film festival

Hello beautiful people,

  Please forgive me for only updating my profile once a year :P I promise that now, as a full time artist I will continue to update my alivenotdead account more often.

This summer in China, thanks to my closest friend and brother Wu Di I was able to network and befriend many of AliveNotDead's top artist and creators as well as a great deal of China's talented Actors, Directors and producers. Hopefully I have begun creating a strong enough social network of artists in China so as to be apart of big future film projects along with my brothers from the Beijing Wushu Team.

  I was also able to assist Wu Di with his first production of a short action video which we will soon be posting online. The entire experience was incredible and you can look up his profile for more details :D (

  Currently with some of my fellow master's student classmates from the University I am Co-Producing and Acting in my first feature length film. It is a huge project that has been keeping me busy 24/7 this month and is hopefully going to be a success. We just began principle shooting earlier this week and so far things are turning out incredibly (wish us luck!) I will be sure to update you on the progress of the film.

  On a side note, I just completed assisting my great friend James Chen to make another short film for a 48 hour film festival. It was a one day shoot and one day edit, and the outcome of which is in my opinion, pretty darn good ;)

here is a link for yall to enjoy. Thank you so much and stay tuned for more goodness


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3rd World Traditional Wushu Championships

Well... I got a Gold medal  Whatever I say here cannot do justice to the events that transpired during my time in China. It was without a doubt one of the most wonderful experiences in my life.

Prior to the competition I trained in Beijing (Shi Cha Hai) with the Beijing wushu team for a week. I was so happy to be able to spend time and train with my brothers, whom i love so much . Wu Di was there by my seid the entire time, coaching me, kicking my ass and trying to make love to me all at the same time. Coach Lu Jin Ming and the rest of the team helped and encouraged me so much, and as always I am indebted to them.

My time in Shi Yan and Wudang Shan was absolutely incredible. There were over 2000 competitors from around the world competing, and The competition ceremonies themselves were breathtaking. It was like a second olympics just for us hahaha. After I competed and I received the medal, I was literaly in heaven for the remainder of the time. I got to spend quality time with my friends on the USA national wushu team, Collin and the Hong Kong team , as well as my Spartan brother, Byron Jacobs from south Africa (dude in the picture). Needless to say I had a great time kicking it with all my friends and flirting with the eastern european and south american girls After the Competition I hiked to the top of Wudang Shan (wudang mountain) with a fellow US team member before taking the train to Xi'an to watch the China National Wushu Competition. The team congratulated me for my success at the competition, and I got to tease Wu Di a lot because his brother became the world champion before he did! ahahahahaha!

Needless to say the competition was awe insipring and I got to enjoy every moment of the day with my Best friend / Mountain of manly awesomeness Mark Moran, his awesome woman xiang xiang and my brother from another mother Zane Thomas.

The Beijing guys perfomed very well, and my ugly lil brother Wu Di became the national spear champion.

To keep a long story short (which I havent realy done so far) I ate, partyd, laughed, and had the best time ever with all my wonderful friends. When I gotg back to Beijing I was able to go clubbing with my good friends Chase and William. I got to dance with lots of beautiful girls, especialy one girl who... ill keep that story for another time Now Im back in the USA, working out hard, finishing my movies and getting ready for graduate school and spending qualityu time with my family.

Life doesnt get much better than this. Love you all.


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November 2008 update

Greetings Shahaub enthusiasts :P

Sorry its been a while since my last entry. Ive had lots of big things going on in my life, but be assured I am alive, not dead... ahahahahah slaps self in the head

I am in China right now, preparing for the 3rd world traditional wushu championships. I am representing the US team this time around. Ill be competing in the next few days, so wish me luck.

A solid piece of good news is that I have been accepted into graduate school for film and I will be beginning the masters program at San Francisco (Academy of Art University) in January, so I have begun running down the road towards stardom :D

Me and John Nguyen's most recent project has been in the works for the past few months and is very near completion. We began an official independent movie production team called "Shahuyen" (a combination of Shahaub and Nguyen). The trailer for our short movie is available on Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook. Scheduled final release is the end of November.

Here is a little taste for yall. Hope you enjoy.

Video: Now that Im set on becoming an artist and Ive been meeting other members of AliveNotDead, Ill be sure to update my blog with projects and news more often.

Much love,


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