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How to build content for your website

How to build content for your website

    Text, text, text! Offer your visitors informative, useful and readable content. Whether special know-how, personal opinions, product or advice - if you know something that might interest others, you have to put it into the net.

    (But please, always texts themselves rather than write off of others!)

    Make sure that your most important keywords appear often in the content of their websites. But do not overdo it: the readability may suffer in any case below.

    The earlier a keyword is, the more important it is considered (keyword: "keyword prominence"). Search terms that are in the first section of a page, are weighted higher than searches in the last section. Refrain therefore superficial greetings and introductions ausscheifende, and are best straight to the point.

    Stems consider search engines at all or with weaker weighting. Therefore, make sure that you do not create awkward sentence structure by a genitive or unfortunate word forms. You may need to rephrase the sentence structure so that the word in question also turn up, as it is searched.

    Bad: The Cologne wizard has the following tricks up his sleeve ...

    Better: The Wizard of Cologne has the following tricks to ...

    Be not too large pages. The more topics are on a page, the more difficult it is to find good for each subject to be. Share therefore larger pages into several pages, and then optimize each page for its main topic.

    Similarly, multilingual content on a page is not mixed, but separated.

    Do not hide content in images, Word files, Flash or other search engines for unreadable file formats. Local Seo Services by SeoCompany21.com     Check your texts carefully for spelling errors. Misspelled words can not be found.

    Avoid the SEO on dirty tricks such as invisible text, cloaking and doorway pages. Modern search algorithms notice when content visible to search engines, but not for regular visitors. See also: Google's punishment

    Forget all optimization efforts not that the content of your pages is not for search engines, but for people.

        If you sell primarily information: Check your texts regularly for updating and expansion.

        If you advertise in the first place for your services: Check your texts again and again on better terms. The more professional your lyrics seem, the more professional your company does well.

    Furthermore apply for texts on the internet other than for printed rules such as Advertising, brochures, flyers. The following recommendations have proven themselves:

        Structure your text with headings and paragraphs.

        Do not write nested sentences or long sections - write more short and compact as possible sentences / paragraphs.

        Write. The main message of a page (Conclusion, gist, summary) at the top of the first set and the first section

        Do not use marketing language ("We are the best ..."). Google services and Seo         Avoid "you" and passive sentence construction.

        Request to act on ("Subscribe to our Newsletter").

        Avoid long passages in italics, as this is difficult to read.

        Underline no text! Links on the web should only be underlined.

        The line length of body text should not be too long, otherwise the eye fatigue. Mario Fischer recommends in his book website boosting even a width of only 35-40 characters, which is a multi-column layout in newspaper style.

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