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Hello all,

Been a while since my last entry so thought I'd put up something me and some friends have been working on for the last few weeks in our spare time.

These are some (very) short films we made ostensibly to test my friends new camera (Canon 5D mkii) but they took on a life of their own and became what you will see below.

They are NOT for the faint of heart as they are quite violent so you have been warned. I suspect you may have to know us personally to fully get the joke and particularly the first video is over before it begins but the handful of comments we've gotten on vimeo suggests general viewers may get something out of it too.

They're on vimeo which is not supported like youtube is on this site but they should link straight away. We have a few more in the can so if you like these let me know, I'm going to put up the other ones anyway but it's good for my ego.

It's been brought to my attention that some people might have trouble playing them if you do try switching off the HD settings on the video. If that doesn't work - well you're pretty screwed I guess....


Video: http://www.vimeo.com/12582551

Video: http://www.vimeo.com/10610666

Video: http://www.vimeo.com/11707831

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Photo 99117
Hi Seamus, I tried to watch these three films but it's hard for me to watch them. sounds and scenes are not match... Maybe my PC doesn't have enough memory. =( I could watch some of scenes are ultraviolence!! The last one... OMG!! No, Seamus!! XD
about 9 years ago
Photo 247666
Hmmmm. Maybe you can switch off the HD? If your computer isn't set up for HD there might be a problem with playback.
about 9 years ago
Photo 525951
WOW! thanks for the warning, im glad Cloud (3yrs old son=) was out of the room! In my experience, you always have to be careful when friends say "just like old times" that usually means LOTS of trouble. lol also it reminded me of Boondock Saints. one and two. Im a big chicken, so i close my eyes a lot, and jump:) i did;) good job....except the cursing. makes me want to wash your mouth out with soap...lol Have a great day and im sure my hubby will get a kick out of these. so post ur others too:) ~Kori
about 9 years ago
Photo 525951
hubby likes lol
about 9 years ago
Photo 52064
Thanks for sharing! =D hmm, same as koko... I switched off the HD, but my PC still can't play them correctly... However, my favorite is 2nd one! and 3rd one's effects is very cool!! Keep up the good job, GO Seamus! =D
about 9 years ago
Photo 99117
Hi Seamus, I could watch three of them on Rad's blog. I don't know why... (^_^;) Anyway I enjoyed them and I like 3rd one!
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