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Somebody to Love wins 'Best Short Film' at Yellow Fever Film Festival!

Hey Everyone,

It's been far too long since I've done an entry. So I'm pleased to say I have a new entry and something worth writing about too!

Somebody to Love recently won 'Best Short Film' at the Yellow Fever Film Festival! The festival was organised by George Clarke a man very much after my own heart. There were some great films shown so it was an honour to be chosen for Best Short.

The Festival was held in Northern Ireland so I was able to attend along with my family. I had a great time at the festival and it was a pleasure to be surrounded by like minded people. The festival organisers are a truly wonderful group of people and are film-makers in their own right, their feature film 'The Knackery' was premiered at the climax of the festival.

The Festivals guest of honour was AnD's own Mike Leeder who gave some very informative Q&A's and was generally an all round great person to be around for the festival. Mike will be doing a piece on the festival for Impact in the next issue so keep an eye out.

For my part I was asked to participate in some Filmmaker Q&A's, where the lucky festival goers got to hear my inane and incoherent ramblings about film-making which were nicely offset by Mike Leeder and the director of the feature film 'The Bodyguard: A New Beginning', Chee Keong Cheung, both of whom were clear and consise in their answers and have actual experience to speak from.

Happily my girlfriend Terumi was able to attend and enjoyed the fest too. I was very happy and proud that her and my parents were there to see me get the award. They put up with a lot from me during the making of the film so it was good for them to be there to see me get some kind of reward for my efforts and their suffering. So thanks again guys!

A big shout out to my cast for the film all of whom were very popular with the people at the fest who saw the film. There were a lot of action fans at the festival very impressed by Philip and James' moves and a lot of men who were impressed by Yennis!

Thanks as well to everyone involved in the film. I couldn't have done it without them and a large part of the win is down to their efforts. Especially thank you to Jayson Li who was tireless in his promotion of the films win and to Radwynn and Koko for their thanks.

I hope to be doing more entries in the weeks to come and I hope to have more things to write about too. In the meantime everyone take care and thanks for reading!


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Congratulations once again, Seamus! You're the man! :D Alan
almost 10 years ago
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Congrats Seamus!!! I'm really feeling happy~~~! (^-^)v
almost 10 years ago
Congratulations! When will the rest of us get to see it?
almost 10 years ago
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Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing it!!
almost 10 years ago
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almost 10 years ago
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almost 10 years ago
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Congrats, Seamus!! I was really glad to know that!! ヽ(∇⌒ヽ)(ノ⌒∇)ノ Sorry, I'm late...(^_^;)
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