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His eyes video door phone

Could be more truthful or more melancholy. These three gentlemen advance to the bridge alone and wave white handkerchiefs; they declare that it's a truce, and that they, the marshals, are come for a parley with Prince Auersperg. The officer on duty lets them into the tte du pont. They tell him a thousand Gascon absurdities; say that the war is over, that Emperor Francis has arranged a meeting with Bonaparte, that they desire to see Prince Auersperg, and so on.


The officer sends for Auersperg. These Gascon gentlemen embrace the officers, make jokes, and sit about on the cannons, while a French battalion meantime advances unnoticed on the bridge, flings video door bell the sacks of inflammable material into the river, and marches up to the tte du pont. Finally the lieutenant-general himself appears, our dear Prince Auersperg von Mautern. My dear enemy!


Flower of Austrian chivalry! hero of the Turkish war! Hostility is at end, we can take each other's hands the Emperor Napoleon burns with impatience to make the acquaintance of Prince Auersperg. In a word, these gentlemennot Gascons for nothingso bewilder Auersperg with fair wordshe is so flattered at this speedy intimacy with French marshals, so dazzled by the spectacle of their cloaks, and of the ostrich feathers of Muratthat their fire gets into his eyes video door phone



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February 21, 2013