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"All film makers think their film is a master piece, and expects it to be sold worldwide, but expectation is a must… https://t.co/8V0lHmBcAz

ScreenSingapore Panelists having a discussion on the rise of media tech & the content that drives it. https://t.co/BC5Hem7pe9

Get in on the action here at #ScreenSingapore! https://t.co/ELao2VYu46

How expert @meinolfzurhorst #ChanGinKai @cbruncher stucture financing plans & budgets in Europe / Asia… https://t.co/EnIW3I2HsF

Top specialists in the independent film arena @BrigaudRobert #Marco Müller @Cinefondation @namanrs https://t.co/tI1htH7Wo5

@Imaginex Studios sponsors SAFF Project Market. Keep a lookout for the selected winner on 9 Dec #ScreenSingapore https://t.co/dvz9hD1Ae9

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ScreenSingapore will be presenting a curated schedule of 6 Asian films for screening at the market. Go to:… https://t.co/MKCqrOG1hq

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We are excited to announce @Imaginex Studios is sponsoring SAFF Project Market 2016! https://t.co/dvz9hD1Ae9 #ScreenSingapore

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Don't miss your chance to learn from these experts at SAFF Conference. Saving of S$300 expires tmr. Register now at… https://t.co/x7BnV1aojl

Kathy Morgan to keynote at ScreenSingapore. Register for your Conference Pass today https://t.co/XMnW6FVMO4… https://t.co/kGqJ7I9j0R



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April 18, 2011

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