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"SAFF helped me connect w/ many decision makers in the region to expand our relationship & to seek for opport."… https://t.co/7JnTqbZ7Lz

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BE QUICK! Early bird saving closes on 31st July! https://t.co/677JTBTJCs https://t.co/TYGYst2ruV

RT @tvnews4u: https://t.co/ocsNKYf0pz #screensingapore @ScreenSingapore #SAFFProjectMarket2017 #JustinDeimen #TrinhLeMinhHang

And it's a wrap! We hope to see you again in 2017! https://t.co/1V55pUnwE9

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kathymorgan from #KathyMorganInternation at #ScreenSingapore closing keynote "Never let the naysayers discriminate… https://t.co/CDs9YG4Ykk

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A candid chat on planting Malaysia’s flag in world content at #screensingapore https://t.co/yaH4azybsf

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"if you can make films the Chinese consumers want, it's not as hard as you thought to enter China" said #CharlesLei… https://t.co/lqp81DuLa4

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"All film makers think their film is a master piece, and expects it to be sold worldwide, but expectation is a must… https://t.co/8V0lHmBcAz

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ScreenSingapore Panelists having a discussion on the rise of media tech & the content that drives it. https://t.co/BC5Hem7pe9

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Get in on the action here at #ScreenSingapore! https://t.co/ELao2VYu46

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