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The Power of Three

                                                                                                               THE CHARMED ONES  


Ok, this is a crazy stuff, but we are having fun , my sisters Pokedpenguin19 aka Jolie, Moonchild72aka Diana, and I are the TRINITY SISTERS, , they are looking for some of the characters of the show, so if you want join, LoL,   just go to these pages:



SISTERS!!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!  and to you too               

Piper Halliwell/ Joliei s the middle daughter of Patty Halliwell and her husband Victor Bennett. All of her life she has dreamed of becoming a successful chef as well as finding true love in her life. Also, being the middle sibling, she also had to play mediator between her older sister Prue and younger sister Phoebe. However, her life took a very bizarre turn and that turn would be both a blessing and a curse for her.

One night in 1998, her sister Phoebe found the Book of Shadows which was handed down from generation to generation in their family. Phoebe found a particular spell in it and when she recited it, strange things happened and the sisters regained their long dormant powers. The next day, Piper found out that she had what she thought was the power to freeze time. However, it was eventually learned that she had the power to not freeze time, but to control the molecules of a particular object. As the years passed she learned that she also could cause the molecules of different objects to combust or, in other words, explode.

On the romantic front, Piper has had her struggles. The man she was dating at the time she found out she was a witch turned out to be a warlock who tried to kill her and her sisters. Another potential relationship was with her next door neighbor Dan Gordon. However, it was complicated by the fact that also fighting for her attention was the sisters' handyman Leo Wyatt, who also turned out to be their wightlighter, a sort of guardian angel for witches. Eventually her and Leo's relationship blossomed and they fell in love. Unfortunately, witches were forbidden to marry their wightlighters and the two of them had to fight for the right to not only share their love, but also to marry.

Piper did eventually marry Leo and they were blessed with two sons, Wyatt and Chris (a third child, a daughter named Melinda was born several years later), but like all marriages it had its share of problems.

Despite her powers, Piper longs for a normal life without demons constantly attacking. However, she still takes her duties of demon vanquishing and protecting the innocent seriously and continues to fight the good fight.  

Phoebe Halliwell/ Dianawas born in her family manor at 1329 Prescott Street, San Francisco, California on November 2, 1975 to the Charmed Ones mother Patricia Halliwell and mortal Victor Bennett. Phoebe had two older sisters, Prue Halliwell and Piper Halliwell and a younger half-sister Paige Matthews. Phoebe was named after the favorite aunt of her mother.

Phoebe was a good student, and once earned an award for student of the month. At the age of 10 Phoebe was transported by a spell cast by her future self to the year 2002, where she met two older versions of herself, her sister Piper, Piper's husband Leo Wyatt, and Phoebe's future ex-husband Cole Turner. Cole protected her from the demon Kurzon and then she visited the realm of Whitelighters with Leo. After she helped the older Phoebe listen to her heart about marrying Cole, she returned to her own time, where Penny quickly erased her memory of the time travel. Unlike her sisters, Piper, Prue and later, Paige, Phoebe is more susceptible to turning evil because she is the only one of the sisters who was born in the Halliwell manor.

Phoebe has the power of premonition, a passive power. She triggers this power when she touches or is in presence of something that has to do with what her premonition is about. This power was initially uncontrollable, but in later seasons if she wanted or pleaded for a premonition, she usually got it. While her premonitions are shown as black and white in the show, it is mentioned several times Phoebe experiences them in color. As her power grew, her premonitions become more vivid to where they become slightly colored and she can hear and feel what is going on and to hold her premonition longer. (Phoebe's premonition increases in "The Eyes Have It" episode to include astral projection into her visions and also in "Hulkus Pocus" episode when she is able to interact and communicate with her future self in her premonitions).

Phoebe has had the most tumultuous love life of all the sisters. Early in the show, Phoebe's former boyfriend Clay came into town after helping steal a cursed urn in Egypt. He tried to have Prue auction it off, but when she learned it was stolen she had it removed from the auction. The guardian of the urn attacked Clay, and the sisters saved him. Their relationship was not exactly successful, since Clay essentially tried to give them a curse.

After Phoebe had a vision about life without demons and her being pregnant, Phoebe does math and decides she needs to find a husband urgently. She uses her empathy to find out if her dates feel love or committed, and if they do not she dumps them. She even went so far as to force her premonitions, so she can have more time for her dates. Her active powers were stripped because of this abuse.

Out of all the sisters, Phoebe is seen to be the master of spell-writing. Phoebe authored a spell for vanquishing The Source that used the power of the Halliwell's witch ancestors. She also helped The Seer to put the Hollow back in its crypt.

After the death of her sister Prue, Phoebe met a woman named Paige Matthews at the funeral. It turned out that Paige was her younger half-sister. Phoebe and Cole witnessed Paige inadvertently orb out from a demonic attack, and realized that she was half Whitelighter. Phoebe and Piper helped convince Paige to join them and recreate the Charmed Ones, and subsequently vanquished Prue's demonic killer, Shax.

We often see Phoebe being the first to discover facts: Phoebe was the one who first discovered that they are the Charmed Ones, beginning with a series of events with their old spirit board up until she got to the Book of Shadows in the attic. She also was the first one to know that Leo was their Whitelighter, catching him while levitating to replace a light bulb. Leo made Phoebe swear not to tell her sisters about him. She revealed the truth to her sisters, but they thought she was just joking around. Phoebe followed a wolf that she saw in the hallway of the Magic School. The wolf lead Phoebe to Enola the shaman, a student at the school, who sent Phoebe on a vision quest to help her see her own future more clearly. On her quest, Phoebe finally managed to reach the portal that took her to the future. There she saw Piper, an older Wyatt, and a younger boy that turns out to be Piper's second son, Paige had become a teacher at the school, Phoebe is pregnant with a little girl, and they are living a life without demons. Wyatt's brother approaches her, saying, "Aunt Phoebe, we need your help," and she is returned to the present to hear Chris asking, "Phoebe, can you help us?" Phoebe thus becomes the first one to know that Chris Perry is actually Chris Halliwell, her nephew and Piper and Leo's second son.

Phoebe married Coop the Cupid in the series finale. They will have three daughters. Phoebe has turned into a warlock, a banshee, the Queen of the Underworld, a mermaid, a superhero, a Greek goddess (of Love), a genie, a ghost, a mummy, a witch beast that came out during a blue moon (along with Piper and Paige), a 1950s housewife and was trapped in the body of an evil sorceress.

Paige Matthews/ Me? Lol  is the fourth child of Patricia Halliwell, a good witch who lived in San Francisco. Unlike the first three daughters Patty had with her husband Victor Bennett, Paige was fathered by Patty's guardian angel, a whitelighter named Sam Wilder. Victor had left Patty and their children and never knew of Paige. On August 2, 1977 Patty and Sam left the newborn baby to a nun, Sister Agnes, at a local church, fearing repercussions if the forbidden affair between a witch and a Whitelighter was ever discovered. They left the baby with a blanket and asked that her name start with a P, like all women of her immediate family.

Like Prue, Paige has the power of telekinesis. However, it works differently due to her Whitelighter side: when she calls the name of an object or living being it will orb to her, or she can move it telekinetically. Telekinetic orbing obviously does not require a great deal of accuracy in calling an object, for Paige can orb demonic acid by saying "Icky stuff" or shuriken by saying "Weapon...thingy." She is the first person ever known in good magic to have this power, as she was the first whitelighter/witch. She has shown signs of power advancement like when she orbed Excalibur to the attic without calling for it in a season six episode. However, this was one of only a few times she did this. When unable to speak, Paige was able to telekinetically orb Wyatt to herself as Piper and Phoebe interlocked arms with her and called out, "Wyatt". Also, in season eight, she could orb the dollhouse to the attic without saying anything. She was able to make white lights move around her and Henry's heads when she told him that she was a witch, similar to Leo's conjuration of lights on his wedding day and in the sixties. It is also evident that Paige can now orb people and demons to any location by saying the location, for example, she orbed Phoebe back to the manor by saying, "Home!". Also, in season 8 episode, she orbed the demon Krychek to Magic School by saying "Magic School!". Another orbing advancement through the years came in her ability to orb things away and seemingly making them disappear. Towards the end of season eight, Paige finally orbed demons and people with her powers. The most prominent example is when she orbed a member of the triad directly into a fireball thrown by a different member.

Her Whitelighter side allows her to use Whitelighter powers such as orbing, glamouring (changing one's appearance), sensing her charges and sisters, healing, and hovering. This is a major advancement because for a long time the show explained her inability to heal with being a "half-whitelighter." But due to the fact that she has started to work for the Elders as a whitelighter, it is likely that that is the reason for the advancement, and sensing people. Due to her being a Charmed One, Paige can write and cast powerful spells as well as make potions.

While Piper brews potions and Phoebe writes spells, Paige is most adept at using crystals. Using telekinetic orbing, Paige can simply say, "Crystals, circle," instantly setting up a forcefield around a demon. She can also easily remove a forcefield, by orbing one of the crystals to her.

Paige has been turned into a vampire, a superhero, a mummy, a wood nymph, a Greek goddess (of War), A Evil Queen/Sorceress (one of her pastselves) a ghost and a witch beast that came out during a blue moon (along with Piper and Phoebe).

A year later when Paige was trying to protect a future Whitelighter, she met Henry Mitchell, her charge's parole officer. At first they seemed to have nothing in common, until Paige learned they have similar backgrounds (Paige was adopted, Henry grew up in foster care). A romance soon blossomed between them, and their relationship progressed quickly but naturally. While in a hostage situation, Paige used her Whitelighter healing powers by herself for the first time in order to save Henry from a gunshot wound, insinuating Paige indeed loved Henry. She eventually told Henry that she was a witch. Henry seems to have accepted this, understanding Paige was doing good, important things with her magic. However, nothing runs smoothly in a Halliwell's love life: a male witch named Sir Simon Marks appeared and declared that Paige was destined to marry him. Paige refused his (many) offers of marriage, saying that she was in love with Henry. Simon and Henry fought over Paige in a "duel", and Henry won (through some good old-fashioned punching), and by successfully arguing that he was the one who truly knew and loved Paige, while Simon only wanted Paige for her power and reputation. Once Simon was gone, Henry realized he was the one who truly wanted to be Paige's husband. He proposed to Paige immediately, and she accepted. Soon after, Paige and Henry were married. Their marriage will bring them twin daughters and a son named Henry Jr.                       

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