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Some people I admire

    As you know Im a bussines woman, and I love being it,  bussines for me doesn´t means money, power, or numbers, for me is about enjoying what you do, is about PASSION, BELIEVING IN YOURSELF and making others believes in you,

And the succes for me, is how many peopple believes in you, what do you think?

 I use to study some interesting ppl that I admire as Donald Trumph or Carlos Slim,  they are greatest bussines men that inspire me.

Carlos Slim is in actuallity the richest man in the world, here is some link if you dont know him



and he was questioned about success in a interview, and here is what he said...

"the SUCCESS, doesn´t have anything to do with which many people imagine . . .  prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


 It´s not the noble titles that you have, not the inherited blood or the school in which you studied.


It´s not about the dimensions of your house or of how many cars can fit in your garage.


It´s not if you are the boss or subordinate; or if you are prominent member of social clubs.


It´s not the technology that you use.


It´s not the clothes that you wear, or if you speak several languages, or  if you are attractive, young or old.


The Success... Is the people whom smile to you whe they see you, Is about how many people you love,  and how many admire your sincerity and the simplicity of your spirit.


Is about being remembered when you go away.


Is about how many people you helps, to whatever you avoid to damage or if you keeps or non resentment in your heart.


Is about including your triumphs in your dreams, about which your profits do not hurt to your resemblances.


Is about your inclusion with others, not of your control on the others.


Is about to use your head as much as your heart, if you were egoistic or generous, if you respected the nature and if you cared of the children and  the old ones.


Is about your kindness, your desire to serve, your capacity to listen to and your value on the conduct.


SUCESS Is about how many peopple really love to you.


Is the balance of your own justice...


Is a serene conscience..


Is your DIGNITY and your desire of BEING more, NOT TO HAVING more ".

Carlos Slim.

(Can you feel the passion? )

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La ~ Sandy ~ I do not know Carlos Slim ~ but what you quote from him is really good ^^
about 13 years ago
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very true! =) i don't know this carlos slim guy either... hehe. haven't heard of him until now. thanks!
about 13 years ago
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Good talks! : )
about 13 years ago
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yes he is great, but if there is some scale between, I have a KEY!!!!
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