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Donor of Organs, an Act of Love and Faith

If you know that there are thousands of people, who die when not receiving an organ which they need for continue living.....

  If you know about that only one donating can save up to six lives and influence in more than ten....

  If you think that the heroes save lives, and that they can live forever.....

Then, Why you don´t think about to stay always?

  When we left this world, only we took our memories, that conform what we are, and we left memories to our beloved beings.

  The memory more indelible than we can leave, is TO SAVE A LIFE.

  The technology at the moment allows us to take life from the death, to prolong a life thanks to a FAITH act and LOVE, nevertheless the deficiency of organs denies this opportunity to many people who is waiting to receive something from somebody that no longer serves to him.

  For making you a donor of organs, you must fill the corresponding authorization in your area, carry your card of donor and to comunicate your decision to your relatives and friends, so arrived the moment, they will know what to do.

  Is not certain that the heroes can live forever?                 

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honey sandy... u have such a good heart!!
almost 13 years ago
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This is a wonderful program Sandy ~ we have it in the usa as well ^^
almost 13 years ago
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we don't have a programme like that here, one can put it on a drivers licence and I have stipulated that I am a donar on mine. I wish we had a simliar programme coz families here sometimes over ride what is on the licence. My family knows that I am happy to donate everything - its not like I'm gonna need it =) good blog Sandy, thank you for raising this important issue. *hugs*
almost 13 years ago
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hey sandy honey, I'm so proud of U ;) Hugsssssssss for u~~~
almost 13 years ago
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I became a donor when I got my first drivers ID :-) it is on my ID card.. so, when they run my ID when I am dead.. what ever is good goes to those who need it..
almost 13 years ago


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