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Belquior Letter !!!!!


   Today Im so happy because I received a letter from one of my favorites friends here in AnD, the letter have some pictures of his city, Fortalezza,  Brazil,  the  pictures are from christmas because the letter was sended in Dec, 18th. But Im so proud for having friends like him and I want to introduce him to all of you because he wants to make many friends from all the world.

He is a lovely guy from Brazil who likes martial arts and languages, he speaks portuguesse but he is very good with spanish and he is learning mandarin and english too, he lives near of the beach and his mom says that he is in the wrong time because he likes so much old music, hehehe, anyways here is the link, and I hope all you visit his page and make friend with him. and thanks to AnD for the opportunity of live things like this,  we all are a great BIG family.I love you all.P.S And He Is NOTmy boyfriend!!!  He is 16 yrs old!!


Belquior: Eres un gran amigo y espero algún día poder conocer Brazil y ati y a Sheyla tambien, estoy muy agradecida por tu amistad, Te adoro amigo!  Muchas gracias!!!

The letter!!!!



A building in his city



The Plaza....


And the beautiful Xmas three!!!


Thanks so much for the pictures Belquior!!!



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Photo 41074
oh,brazil,football kingdom,if he is a football super star,sandy honey make lovers with him. haha,i'll visit his page,however,i cannot speak portugueses.
about 13 years ago
Photo 23166
wooow how do u know this guy. and u trusted him that much to give him ur address?!
about 13 years ago
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-.- very funny girls, come on, go to his page and say hi! Lol
about 13 years ago
Photo 36469
Hmmm, when I was in Brazil, I didn't get as far north as Fortalezza... entonces, me gostosa brazillia... hasta luego, muchacha!
about 13 years ago
Photo 35751
lovely photos I will go and say hello =)
about 13 years ago
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Congratulations to you and him! Treasure all
about 13 years ago
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Wow Sandy ~ that's really nice!!! ^^ Will visit his site and say hello after I post this comment ^^
almost 13 years ago


"Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes".

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