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It's been...

3 years since I wrote my last entry  Time went pass pretty fast!!! Too much facebook and weibo and I totally forgot about AnD Anyway, I won't be blogging a lot but I guess once in a while is not bad.

The past 3 years been like wedding crazy around me. Slowly all of my cousins in suitable range of age are either getting marry or married. I am the only one left Hopefully it's my turn soon, but I doubt I would want a big wedding. Seeing all the hassles makes me want nothing but a simple romantic 2 persons wedding.

Anyway glad to be here once more!!

God Bless All of You

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Back to HK

I have been back to HK for few days. Mainly for CNY. I think I will be staying here for a month or so. Hopefully I will back to Van before Summer. I can't stand the heat~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By next week I think I will have my free hours to go on internet more haha. Still going here and there to say Gung Hay Fat Choi to all my family and friends.

Happy New Year :)

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Blog: Sunday, Jan 11

Moving~busy packing things up and gonna go back to HK before CNY.

I will have no internet for a week so I guess I will have to deal with it.

Plus Chun Wu has new album!! Gonna buy it in HK :D

but too bad I missed his function in HK

another thing looking forward to do is to visit the 老夫子 gallery.

So sad that I missed Pat Lee's one :(

hopefully I will have time to translate some of the posts he made.

cheers! 2009 :)

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Snow Snow Snow

Too much snow -.- I feel like I am living in the GTA more than GVA.

Drove on highway. Glad I didn't die coz of the slippering ice on the roads.

Had a good christmas tooo

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first snow in this winter~~ pretty but very cold  drive save everyone!!!!

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XD! yay I am a translator now!

 I am gonna translate Pat Lee's blog into Chinese =)~

Since it's my first time I will try to do my best~!!!!

If I manage to do it fast enough then (and good enough) I will try to do other artists too v.v~~

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Getting a copyright

So if I designed a logo/character/something** do I have to like go get a copyright from somewhere in case there will be someone making something similar like mine if I am planning on distributing it? Or do I just have to register for a copyright for my website or company or something oo?? Omg -- I need help.

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Xmas card

Making a card is not easy o_o.... idea x craft x illustration x typography 

It took a long time to make one haha and my art sucks haha.... omg

worse is that my typography even more suck than my drawings/craft

at the end I just wrote it haha shame on me

pretty .... ugly............ haha I guess I need to try harder

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