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NYC Memories

It's been a few weeks since my trip to NYC so thought I should throw up a post of a few memories. We screened RED LIGHT REVOLUTION for the first time there and it seemed to go down really well (there's link to the Q&A from the screening below).

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuRxO0izJtE Highlights of my week in New York were:

Seeing a play right after a 13 hour flight.

Eating fried chicken on waffles in Harlem.

Sitting on ...Read more

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Taking the Sex Shop to Transylvania

I've just returned from Cluj, Romania -- in the heart of Transylvania -- for the Comedy Cluj International Film Festival. Transylvania seems like a rather unexpected place for Europe's largest comedy film festival (horror may be what first comes to mind), but Cluj is a real fun-loving college town and very much went against any stereotyped expectations I may have had. Unlike the movies, there was no horse drawn carriage to meet me at the airport. Though I did see far more people at night than in the day-time hour...Read more

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Things I've Never Done in Wuhan Before with a Sex Shop Comedy

The "Red Light Revolution" 《红灯梦》 movie train hit the city of Wuhan recently, which is a bustling metropolis about two hours flight from Beijing. It was a new experience for me so I thought I'd write a list of things I'd never done before but did in my 48 hours in Wuhan. Things I've Never Done in Wuhan Before with a Sex Shop Comedy:

Going into a Chinese sex museum.

Going into a Chinese sex museum to showcase my own work. (never saw that one on the "...Read more

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Memories from the Terracotta Film Festival, London

Just returned from a great week in London, where I got to hang out with fellow ANDers Junichi and Akira, as well as make heaps more friends at the Terracotta Far East Film Festival. I caught about 5 films playing at the festival, all great, but my favourite was a surprising Korean comedy called "Petty Romance" that puts a unique spin on the romantic comedy genre by adding a manga storyline. And I've got to say the Prince Charles Cinema, built in the '60s, has a really nice vibe to it: red, ...Read more

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