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Twilight Saga

Like everyone in this world, I have been obsessively & compulsively reading the TWILIGHT SERIES (or saga rather =]) I absolutely love the book by Stephanie Meyer, she's a true author. I practically read a book a day. For those who have not read it, its a book I totally recommend it. It's so good, that I initially borrowed the book of my 13 year old cousin, decided to buy all 4 books after reading it to keeps. Although, I want to criticize the author's grammar and some of the wording that she used in the context of her writing. I...Read more

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A wake from the dormant & the book I'm reading

I know, I have been quiet the last couple of weeks or three weeks (perhaps ). I've been going out everyday straight for the last two weeks. Oh boy, it's tiring I tell you! From Club Crawling on the weekends and Retail Therapy during the week. Been to a few Yum Cha lunches and Oh boy, have I turned in to flubbar again from eating out in general Funny enough, a couple of weeks I was on my detox diet, which I t...Read more

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I've finished my exams now...though, all the stress is gone. I feel so crap for my last exams for Maths, I didn't even finish a third of the paper!! it was way too long!!! But its over... I hope I pass everything!!

Now, its time to chill relax and clean my war zone room.

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Crikey- tired with isomnia.

Well, as I previously mentioned that I was planning to do an all nighter for this exam, well I didn't. By 3am in the morning, I seriously couldn't be stuffed. I was going delerious by that time,  and I felt as if I didn't sleep, I was going the unleash the b*tch out of me.  So I feel asleep and woke up at 6am, to get ready and head out to my exam venue. Suprisingly, I wasn't stressed, I was actually ...Read more

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Studying is a drag

Studying is a drag, not like I've done much and I most probably would end up staying up studying for this exam    you realised, from my previous blog, I've been camera  whoring. I love my sleep, especially on a colds winter day, not so much today but usually the colder ones. Oh, mind you I usually don't wake up til 10am-11am during the day, ever since uni finished. Hence, I have to stay awake till 11:00am Read more

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Photography: Camera Whoring

Well, I am kinda stressed about my Nutrition exam on Thursday morning, because I have barely studied for it, and even if I did a week ago, I have completely forgotten everything. I am so stressed that I can't even sleep now, hence I am still awake at 1am in the morning, though I should be asleep and waking up 7am to cram 12 weeks of work in one day and one night for my exam on Thursday ( is now tomorrow).

Well, while studying today, I got bored and I'll have little brea...Read more

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Why do I always get the creeps?

I just realised, I always get the creeps running after me. For once, can't it be at least someone I will like .

Firstly, it happend on the Taiwan Tour, with the people I ate with on the Vegetarian table. I can't be bothered to tell the story, talking about it give me shivers down my spine. Now, i have this ex-colleague, that keeps harrasing me to meet up with him. I never liked him even as a colleague. He's pig headed, ugly inside-out and thinks he's all that....Read more

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Fav Past times

Does anyone love scrabble?

I use to lurve play scrabble when I was a kid and still do now, especially on rainy days =)

I love playing scramble, world twist and word challenge on facebook, its probably the closest thing to scrabble.

Other Past times, include eating, sleeping, and watching TV. Of course socialising out in the hood.

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Haven't been up to much lately.

Supposed to be studying, but been lazy sleeping in till 2pm in the afternoon.

Been facebooking, procrastinating- anything to stay away from studying.

Funny enough, I know that my brain cells are working because I can think of one of those 'out of reach' words while playing scrabble.

If you have any tips for achieving better study ethics, please let me know.

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nutrtion & male species

Theres a few things I have noticed and learnt :

After doing nutrition this semester, I have learnt so much diets and health in general. We should not restrain ourself from eating the 'bad stuff' but have it in moderation and we need a balance in our diet. E.g. like excessive consumption of tannin (in tea + coffee) can have an effect on protein metabolism, but tannin itself is a source of anti-oxidant. So people, don't over do it with the tea and coffee, keep it in moderation =) it's super potent stuff!

...Read more
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Hi I'm 'relishy' (unscramble my name, and voila my name will appear before your eyes lol) Currently: Having her exams, procrastinating as usual. Drop by and e

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