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First and Last trip to Site 27th June 2009

This is the first time i stepped into the site in the project that i working now and that is the last time also. Am i look excited in the picture? I also don't know why i look like that in the photo. SOooo ugly. Hahahaha....anyway, i already promise someone to post this photo in my blog so i need to keep my promise. :) Look at the biggest valve behind me. Is 44" butterfly valve (ESDV). I heard my colleague said the installation of this valve is really difficult as the piping around that area limited them to lift the valve to that position. Hence, they need to use all the man power to to roll it into the pipe....Sigh......(is that mean the management is sucks there? never plan well before action?)..hehehe...i have no comment on that.The background of the picture below is the LNG plant but still look like plenty of scaffolding need to dismantle. I don't know why everytime i take picture with this yellow coverall, i feel so uncomfortable when take the picture. My posture look so weird and i also wonder why i act like that......erm.....no idea.Actually during this short trip visit to site, not many pictures we took. One of the reason is there are some restricted area prohibited for snapping pictures, and another reason is very funny one.I asked obi, "do you want to take picture here?". He said "No, we will take it outside after finish the tour". Although i know we can take picture inside but he still refused. Then i said, "are you too shy to take pic here? You afraid too many workers around watching you?". So he just laughing and i know the answer is yes....Hahaha.....Anyway, thanks you guys for arranging this special site tour for me. Special thanks to Karube, Obi and Sasaki-san. Hope to see u all again in the future. :)

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