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2 days to go......hurray!!!!

Well....Finally i have free time to write all 4 posts in a day as i promised to my pet earlier......hehehee.....Have been busy working during last 2 weeks and nothing special happened during last 2 weeks. So i stopped writing my blog for almost 2 weeks.Although i am busy working but still need to thank to my pet here accompany me chatting. Gonna treat you your favourite lollipop.....Hahahahaha......Before go back, have to buy so many chocolates as i promised to them (fren1, fren2, fren3, fren4, bro, mum, etc.....). I have been for so long still don't know what i can buy as souveniors to bring back. Every thing here are expensives and not worth to buy. So end up will buy chocolate to them in the airport lor.Can't wait to go home now....almost every morning after wake up, and every night before i sleep, i start to count down the day to return. Too excited especially this few days. This time the company so good to me...First time take business class Emirates flight back to Malaysia.....Wonder what is the privilege i can get soon.....hmm.......

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March 15, 2009