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I am Back!!!

It's been a long long time (i think about 2 years) not updating my blog. Is time for me to resume my blog now onwards. :) hope i manage to post something interesting to everyone that read my blog.


There are so many interesting places, food and stuffs that i would like to share. Tons of pics are waiting for me to post up. So just be patient. Ciao.

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KL Trip with my Japanese Friends (1st Day)

I am so happy that i got an email from a long lost friend from Japan. Obi sent an email to me that he will come to visit me in KL for 3 days. Well...I was so pleased that i can meet him again and at the same time i wasn't sure where i can bring him in KL. In the end, I suggested to bring him to KLCC, Petaling Street, Batu Caves and Genting. Hope he would glad with my idea.

He came to Penang from Bangkok on Thursday. He visited Thailand first before come to malaysia. He spent 3 days in Penang with his mate, Kei (another japanese who can't speak english well) before he come to KL by bus on sun. I went to Pudu to pick them up about 5am. (yawn....have to wake up that early on SUN!!!) Since is too early to bring them walk around, i brought them back to my new house to let them unpack their stuffs and take a short nap before we start our KL trip.

After woke up and clean up, we went to KLCC first to buy ticket for skybridge. We passed by my ex-company and showed him the building. This company is familiar to him because we used to work in the same project under joint venture of this company and his company. When we reached KLCC, we failed to buy tickets as we saw so many people queuing up to get tickets. I went to ask the volunteer who work there and she said tickets on sun all sold out. Hence, our first mission is failed!!! To avoid the disappointment and due to our hunger, I decided to bring to our local breakfast. Well.... Pictures are the best descrīption than sentences here. I would now let the pictures tell u my journey. :)

murtabakroti tisu & ayam goreng and last, our famous nasi lemak. Obi can't take spicy food, one spoon eaten and his face turn to red instantly. lol.This is the place where we had our breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to KLCC and park to take some pictures for remembrance.After that, we went to Bintang Walk, a famous trademark in the centre of this city. A lot of local drama/movies taking their shooting here.

Then went to Pavilion, but they seem not interest to shop. Well....i think in japan there are lots of shopping parades that better than in KL. So, we moved on to Sg Wang. Since the weather is getting hot, we stopped by Sg Wang to have our desserts, Snowflake!!! It's Taiwanese Desserts...some sort like Taiwanese ABC. We have to take some rest first because later on we need to go to Petaling Street!!! (Hell no if not bcoz of my jap. frens) Nothing to shout about since this place doesn't give me any good impression...somemore walking under the hot sun. Everytime when i walked to this street, sure i will visit to this famous stall. "Air Mata Kucing". Even though it's soooooo sweet yet it can cure my thirsty and tiredness. Felt refresh after u drank it. :) Next destination will be Central seem our KL trip kinda boring ...just goin to those places that i won't go during my free time/weekends. But it is quite different experiences to go this kind of historical places once a while. Since we not yet hungry for lunch, then we decided to go to Batu Cave as our last destination before heading back to lunch and rest. This was my first time to Batu Cave as usually i just passing by that place when using the MRR2.

I heard many people complaining that the staircase are too high to conquer. But to me, it doesn't seem a challenge for me. ahhahha...maybe i used to work out, that's why i don't feel it difficult. :P Kei-san with the monkeysAfter the climbing and conquered the cave, we moved to Kuchai Lama for Bak Kuh Teh!!! Our famous chinese cuisine in Malaysia. A must try to my japanese friends. Then guess what, they said " hou sii!!" "u me!!!" those are the compliments to the food. Previosly i afraid they don't like the herbal that spoilt their appetite. But luckily i am wrong, they like it very much especially the dry bak kuh teh. Even myself also impressed with that too. :) After that, we went back to my house to take a short nap and make sure we have a good rest for the night. Nite time, i just brought them to Look-out Point for KL night scene. That is the best spot if you like to enjoy KL scene at night. The food there is just so so and nothing to shout about. After took some pictures and dinner, then we head down to Sunway for our happy hour!!! Yeah Yeah!!!!

Well.... I am not a good drinker but they are!!!! I really couldn't match them. I need to train better before meet them again in Japan after i have well term of money of coz!!!! :)

Ok. that's all for the first day. Stay tune for the 2nd day. Ciao.

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Feel Sucks

Been more than one year didn't back to my own blog. First blog since last year is about my suck feeling.

This feeling haunting me for a month already. Really torturing. I not dare to tell anyone. I just realized i am soooooooo stupid. Luckily i get help from a friend, now the feeling is getting better abit.

But it will not going to an end unless this issue is settled. I think this definitely will be my most valued lesson that i got. Now the feeling still sucks and the heart keep bumping fast. sigh.

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Broga Hill Hiking 12th July 2009

12th July 2009. Sun. Woke up around 4am. Went to pick up Heng and met them up at mamak in Semenyih. Was too early for me to have breakfast but Tracy this "hunger ghost" sure wanna had some food before hiking. Is good to get some food first also before hiking, if not, easily get fainted half way hiking.

The day still look dark but we already started to hike. Look so scary if came alone. Luckily everyone prepared torch light.

The day is getting brighter when we finally reached to one of the hill peak. Misu looked pale and felt unwell after reached the hill.

We make it !!!! :)


Wow!!! SOooo many of us!!!

Nice Photos!!! Thanks to the photographer, Heng.

After hiking, we had our brunch (around 10am by that time) at Semenyih before back home. What a wonderful and tiring journey.... =) ps: Lot of pictures will be uploaded in my Facebook soon.

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I am BACK!!!!!

Such a long time i didn't come back to update my blog. This is my first time to write blog in my own country. Since i back home, i have no time to online. A lot of appointments and thing to do.

To make it short, the pictures shown below is one of the gathering with my ex-colleagues at Fong Lye Restaurant in The Garden on 11th July (The day before we went to Broga Hill).

This is husband n wife (Vince and Tracy). Tracy is my best kaki. The girl beside Tracy is Shan. She is quite friendly and nice girl but sorry guys....she is not available now. Lol!! This is my lovely misu, KS cho. Look prettier now.=P

The couple beside misu are soon-to-be husband and wife. Ah mei purposely came to MidValley for the Wedding Exhibition. They met us up after they got the package for their wedding shootings. And Last, the photograher (Heng) finally appeared in the Happy Family Photo as below. That night we need to leave early (around 10pm) as we need to sleep very early for next day plan (Hiking). Hv to wake up as early as 4 am....sigh.... Will upload the broga hill photos soon. :)

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2 days to go......hurray!!!!

Well....Finally i have free time to write all 4 posts in a day as i promised to my pet earlier......hehehee.....Have been busy working during last 2 weeks and nothing special happened during last 2 weeks. So i stopped writing my blog for almost 2 weeks.Although i am busy working but still need to thank to my pet here accompany me chatting. Gonna treat you your favourite lollipop.....Hahahahaha......Before go back, have to buy so many chocolates as i promised to them (fren1, fren2, fren3, fren4, bro, mum, etc.....). I have been for so long still don't know what i can buy as souveniors to bring back. Every thing here are expensives and not worth to buy. So end up will buy chocolate to them in the airport lor.Can't wait to go home now....almost every morning after wake up, and every night before i sleep, i start to count down the day to return. Too excited especially this few days. This time the company so good to me...First time take business class Emirates flight back to Malaysia.....Wonder what is the privilege i can get soon.....hmm.......

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Basketball Final Game in Qatar 24th June 2009

Such a long time didn't come here to post my blog already. Very busy lately to clear up my work. Although i am busy with works but still we have our usual basketball games on. But sad to say that last wednesday was the last basketball game in Qatar.As many of my friends know that i will soon leaving this country and go back to my country. The project in Qatar is almost come to the end now. Many of us are demobilize from this project by end of this month. So we decided to play our final game on that night.From the picture shown below, they are my usual "kaki" for basketball games. All are japanese except me. Lol. So i take this opportunity to thanks to Obi-san, Karube-san, Tani-san, Yamada-san, Miyamoto-san and Sagae-san. They are my regular ball-mates, the rest are quite new in our team. Sorry forgetting your name. :P That night was really great. That night had one of the most tired game after we played for 3 months there. We sweat alot. You can see we all dying on the bench from the pictures. This 2 men in black are my best buddies here. We are working in same department, sit in the same area, having same hobby (basketball). Gonna miss them soon..... After the game, let us the take "Happy Family" photos for remembrance. ^^

After the game, we went to bar to charge up our enegry with beers!!! The first time i feel really good in beers specially after the sport. You can imagine your thirsty throat waiting the chilled beer flowing in. Wow......Hard to explain here.....hahahha....Let's check out how many can of beer that we drank on that night???

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First and Last trip to Site 27th June 2009

This is the first time i stepped into the site in the project that i working now and that is the last time also. Am i look excited in the picture? I also don't know why i look like that in the photo. SOooo ugly. Hahahaha....anyway, i already promise someone to post this photo in my blog so i need to keep my promise. :) Look at the biggest valve behind me. Is 44" butterfly valve (ESDV). I heard my colleague said the installation of this valve is really difficult as the piping around that area limited them to lift the valve to that position. Hence, they need to use all the man power to to roll it into the pipe....Sigh......(is that mean the management is sucks there? never plan well before action?)..hehehe...i have no comment on that.The background of the picture below is the LNG plant but still look like plenty of scaffolding need to dismantle. I don't know why everytime i take picture with this yellow coverall, i feel so uncomfortable when take the picture. My posture look so weird and i also wonder why i act like idea.Actually during this short trip visit to site, not many pictures we took. One of the reason is there are some restricted area prohibited for snapping pictures, and another reason is very funny one.I asked obi, "do you want to take picture here?". He said "No, we will take it outside after finish the tour". Although i know we can take picture inside but he still refused. Then i said, "are you too shy to take pic here? You afraid too many workers around watching you?". So he just laughing and i know the answer is yes....Hahaha.....Anyway, thanks you guys for arranging this special site tour for me. Special thanks to Karube, Obi and Sasaki-san. Hope to see u all again in the future. :)

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Sayonara Farewell Dinner 25th June 2009

Thursday night after work went to korean restaurant for our SAYONARA dinner. This month end, there are total 5 of us leaving. (me, obi, sasaki, seguchi and daryll). Not much to talk about the dinner indeed. Just eat and drink there. Everyone of us take turns stand up to give a speech.Actuall nothing to talk about the korean there since i found it not so impressed. Just normal, ok only. But still enjoy the atmosphere having dinner with them. Thanks for the dinner guys. And not to forget to thank to my cameraman----Karube-san (a real funny guy). Does he look like Popeye? Hohohoho.......

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My birthday in Qatar

Yesterday was my off day, also my BIG day. Well, quite happy for the whole day. At least, i didn't spend my time on my bed or watching drama in my room only. Lol.Before i completely woke up, already heard my hp keep buzzing for incoming msgs. I knew my friends still remember my birthday....hahahha......To my surprise, many of them greeted me in facebook. Many of us nowadays too rely on facebook. Can't imagine what will happen if facebook suddenly disappear the next day. For me, it will be like lossing my phonebooks/contacts. Quite pity too. Anyway, take this opportunity to thank all of you for the birthday wishes. Love u all. :P

In fact, not many activities on my BIG day. I got 2 plans indeed. Noon time went out with 2 singaporeans (Nick and Robin). We just went for lunch outside the camp, although the lunch not for my birthday celebration. Hahaha....anyway, i don't mind that. The purpose of going out is to buy food for my next plan.My next plan after the lunch, was a drinking session with my japanese colleagues (my buddies in qatar). I bought them food and they bought me beverage. We had a great time chit-chatting and drinking at the bar for more than 4 hours. During that session, they really good drinkers and i know my limit, i know i can't catch up with them but to drink very slowly. Lucikly i am still sober in the end of the day. 4 hours is consider one of the longest time for me to have alcohol here. Normally 2-3 hours to consume liquors sure will make me tipsy. Really enjoy the great time with them. Special thanks to Obi, Karube, Sasaki and Seguchi-san. ^^ Having a photo session before we left.p/s: Robin joined us for the drinking session after he finished his swimming.

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