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I am Back!!!

It's been a long long time (i think about 2 years) not updating my blog. Is time for me to resume my blog now onwards. :) hope i manage to post something interesting to everyone that read my blog.


There are so many interesting places, food and stuffs that i would like to share. Tons of pics are waiting for me to post up. So just be patient. Ciao.

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KL Trip with my Japanese Friends (1st Day)

I am so happy that i got an email from a long lost friend from Japan. Obi sent an email to me that he will come to visit me in KL for 3 days. Well...I was so pleased that i can meet him again and at the same time i wasn't sure where i can bring him in KL. In the end, I suggested to bring him to KLCC, Petaling Street, Batu Caves and Genting. Hope he would glad with my idea.

He came to Penang from Bangkok on Thursday. He visited Thailand first before come to malaysia. He spent 3 days in Penang with his ma...Read more

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Feel Sucks

Been more than one year didn't back to my own blog. First blog since last year is about my suck feeling.

This feeling haunting me for a month already. Really torturing. I not dare to tell anyone. I just realized i am soooooooo stupid. Luckily i get help from a friend, now the feeling is getting better abit.

But it will not going to an end unless this issue is settled. I think this definitely will be my most valued lesson that i got. Now the feeling still sucks and the heart keep bumping fast. sigh. Read more

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Broga Hill Hiking 12th July 2009

12th July 2009. Sun. Woke up around 4am. Went to pick up Heng and met them up at mamak in Semenyih. Was too early for me to have breakfast but Tracy this "hunger ghost" sure wanna had some food before hiking. Is good to get some food first also before hiking, if not, easily get fainted half way hiking.

Read more

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I am BACK!!!!!

Such a long time i didn't come back to update my blog. This is my first time to write blog in my own country. Since i back home, i have no time to online. A lot of appointments and thing to do.

To make it short, the pictures shown below is one of the gathering with my ex-colleagues at Fong Lye Restaurant in The Garden on 11th July (The day before we went to Broga Hill).

This is husband n wife (Vince and Tracy). Tracy is my best kaki.Read more

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2 days to go......hurray!!!!

Well....Finally i have free time to write all 4 posts in a day as i promised to my pet earlier......hehehee.....Have been busy working during last 2 weeks and nothing special happened during last 2 weeks. So i stopped writing my blog for almost 2 weeks.Although i am busy working but still need to thank to my pet here accompany me chatting. Gonna treat you your favourite lollipop.....Hahahahaha......Before go back, have to buy so many chocolates as i promised to them (fren1, fren2, fren3, fren4, bro, mum, etc.....). I have been fo...Read more

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Basketball Final Game in Qatar 24th June 2009

Such a long time didn't come here to post my blog already. Very busy lately to clear up my work. Although i am busy with works but still we have our usual basketball games on. But sad to say that last wednesday was the last basketball game in Qatar.As many of my friends know that i will soon leaving this country and go back to my country. The project in Qatar is almost come to the end now. Many of us are demobilize from this project by end of this month. So we decided to play our final game on that night.From...Read more

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First and Last trip to Site 27th June 2009

This is the first time i stepped into the site in the project that i working now and that is the last time also. Am i look excited in the picture? I also don't know why i look like that in the photo. SOooo ugly. Hahahaha....anyway, i already promise someone to post this photo in my blog so i need to keep my promise. :) Look at the biggest valve behind me. Is 44" butterfly valve (ESDV). I heard my colleague said the installation of this valve is really difficult as the piping around that area limited them to...Read more

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Sayonara Farewell Dinner 25th June 2009

Thursday night after work went to korean restaurant for our SAYONARA dinner. This month end, there are total 5 of us leaving. (me, obi, sasaki, seguchi and daryll). Not much to talk about the dinner indeed. Just eat and drink there. Everyone of us take turns stand up to give a speech.Actuall nothing to talk about the korean there since i found it not so impressed. Just normal, ok only. But still enjoy the atmosphere having dinner with them. Thanks for the dinner guys.Read more

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My birthday in Qatar

Yesterday was my off day, also my BIG day. Well, quite happy for the whole day. At least, i didn't spend my time on my bed or watching drama in my room only. Lol.Before i completely woke up, already heard my hp keep buzzing for incoming msgs. I knew my friends still remember my birthday....hahahha......To my surprise, many of them greeted me in facebook. Many of us nowadays too rely on facebook. Can't imagine what will happen if facebook suddenly disappear the next day. For me, it will be like lossing my phonebooks/contacts. Quit...Read more

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