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When audio and video fail...

I never thought I would write something like this. Well. AnD has been the cause of me writing about waiting, and now here goes!For some 2 months now, I have not been able to upload any video clip here, and as my regular visitors would know, I often use some of these when I run short of written ideas, but, also I like music and dance, and so share some of the stuff I've trawled on the internet and YouTube.  How boring it is to just always have  print alone!!  ( The underlying message here is : AnD, please repair and restore the blogging facilities to full function !!)I never thought that I, who grew up with only the written word or the sound  (radio) would bemoan a loss of video!!  Right! A picture is more than a thousand words!! Likewise, audible music is worth more than a thousand words too. Recently I've enjoyed myself watching several clips about the panda baby in Taipei zoo. So ingenuous of the staff to make up a" toy " panda baby so the mother could learn to handle the baby, and also to continue lactating, while the baby is hand-fed, and kept in an incubator environment. These are the web addresses:http://youtu.be/AbfAV7cbYQohttp://youtu.be/rz-5dwjYlJg             The maternal instinct is very touching!《http://youtu.be/YYYEYWM1-Hw》you can surf for more under "Taipeizoo"

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