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Upside Down! ?

In the last few years, partly because I stopped working, and partly because I wanted to improve my Mandarin, I started reading the entertainment news in Chinese. I couldn't manage other forms of news as the translated proper names and political, economic technical terms were not in my vocabulary!  (Most of them are still not.).  In any case I have become familiar with the happenings in the "happening" world of Asian entertainment stars. And so, over the last few years, I read the reports  written by paparazzi, about this almost unreal, surreal world of Asian entertainment, especially about who's with who, and who's no more in the triangle or even quadrangle, etc.Relationships are always denied...at least from what I read. Marriages are mostly delayed, and after the oaths are taken, there is a frenzy to have a baby  because the guy is often close to fifty years old, and even in one case, the lady is in her early 40's as well.Many reasons for the delay are : too busy, career first, fans will not like their idols to be married, etc.  I can't agree!! Looking at the Western world of mega-stars, marriages are far too frequently carried out and broken, all in public view. ( Not that this is good, just a contrast to the previous statements) Many of the women are in these relations for many years,  and then a breakup! The poor women are now much older and therefore, harder for them to move on to other relationships. As far as I am concerned,  though not officially married, these are like marriages and any break-up is a divorce. The Biggest advantage of these arrangements is that the guy's enormous net worth is not subject to "claims" by the other party! Very neat for the man!!    And, a young superstar, because he loves children and, anticipating difficulty in finding a wife in the near future, is openly talking about paying for surrogacy, so that  he can have his own children, without marriage!! The latest very disturbing news I read is that of someone who has been in a relationship for 20 years, and now the 'girlfriend' has given birth to a baby,  he is thinking of legally adopting this baby!! Huh!? So, what is the world becoming?  Upside down,  topsy turvy . Or, why do the entertainment people think they have to do these?在娱乐世界里,公众的人的感情 多谣言, 多隐瞒,多是非。贾直观是另类。很多不看重家庭。非常可惜,对社会不会有好处。

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