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Her Matchmaker was her Mother-in-law!

Have you heard the story of Ruth?  She married an Israelite, but was widowed. She was determined to accompany her widowed mother-in-law back to her home land. There she gleaned in the fields to feed both of them. In those days widows were marginalised as they did not have a means of livelihood.  Her mother-in law then taught her how to indicate herself available to marry a distant relative/ kinsman, who was the owner of the fields where she gathered her grain. ( Take note, the woman was taking the initiative! On the instructions of her mother-in-law!)

This story is powerful in that it shows how this widow Ruth, a non-Jew,  was prepared to take care of her Jewish mother-in-law, and to believe in and follow after the former's God. The famous line is of course, " Your people shall be my people and your God my God." This was what Ruth said to her ma-in-law.

路 得 記 1:16   路 得 說 : 不 要 催 我 回 去 不 跟 隨 你 。 你 往 哪 裡 去 , 我 也 往 那 裡 去 ; 你 在 哪 裡 住 宿 , 我 也 在 那 裡 住 宿 ; 你 的 國 就 是 我 的 國 , 你 的  神 就 是 我 的  神 。

Ruth's second  husband, Boaz, being a kinsman, was able to redeem the land owned by the bereaved family. ( In those times women did not own land, and land had to be bought off them by a male relative when all the men in the family died). This is a picture of Jesus, becoming human ( to be mankind's kinsman) and bringing redemption to all men.

So Ruth the Moabite married Boaz, and their son Obed was the grandfather of the famous King David in the Bible. This was how God rewarded her for staying with His chosen people, the Israelites.

Romantic, and so beautiful a picture!  The story of Ruth, a favoutie of mine, is recorded in the Bible.

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