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Haze, Heat, Hazzle, Hail and .......

Haze, Heat, Hazzle, Hail and...........All we had was haze!! That was Singapore from Tue June 18th. Some people in our geographical, giantic neighbouring country,  burning trees and scrub for clearing land, and coupled with the hot dry weather, the fires expanded, and smog blanketted Singapore and Southern Malaysia. Sure, some were bush  and peat fires but much of them were man lit and initiated, and it is a perenniel problem, though this time is the worst so far.So, as the haze got worse, and the temperature went up (34 degrees Celsius), ailments and anxiety became the order of the day. The climax came on Friday 21st , when the Pollution Standard Index went into Hazardous levels, from dangerous.The roads in the city became eerily empty.Leaving out the political innuendos, people suffered from the pollution, ( asthma, coughs, watery eyes, itchy skin and so on). Air conditioning , if available was turned on full blast, The masks for filtering out fine particles became scarce, and orders in the millions were made. It seems that that put my tiny little country in the lime light , for in fact, many in the West do not know of this 'Little Red Dot' called Singapore!  And heart-warmingly, several Singaporeans started offering their air-conditioned homes to others to escape the heat and the haze.     On the personal level, I closed almost all windows, but also did not turn on the airconditioner as I know that it does not filter disease-inducing fine dust particles.  so I sweated through the days and half  the nights.....Relief came, the sky cleared on Sat 22, to a tolerable moderate level. I posted on my FB page:. "Those who place their hope in God will not be put to shame. Thank You for the relief, and now we ask for rain." In the same afternoon, strong winds, and even hail was seen in Western Singapore, and rain was over the whole island. The wind direction changed , and today,Thurs 27, we have low to moderate levels of air pollution.In the background to all these, many, many  Christians had prayed for wind and rain, and so... It had been "  From Haze, Heat, Hail, Hazzle to Hallelujah!"        ###Psalm 25:3 No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame,but shame will come on those who are treacherous  without cause.###詩篇 25:3


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