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Chinese New Year legend

Chinese New Year mythology?

When I was quite young, I came across a story about the lunar New Year, celebrated by many Asian nations,and I thought it was way out.

" Long, long ago, people were plagued by a monster , Nian 年(which is the Mandarin word for Year) and they had to hide in fear of their lives. However, they found out that this creature was frightened by loud noises and afraid of the colour red. So at the estimated time, many would drape a red banner over their door , people would have a family dinner and prepare to cross the Year (过年)。The next day, they would light firecrackers (Noise) and wear red, On the first day of the new year, people, though happy that they are safe, would not go out of their house to visit,( just to be sure the monster is not lurking around),  only from the second day onwards."

 So this event is accompanied by all things auspicious, many of which, I believe,  have been added as time went by.   This story takes care of the need for re-union and the great celebration of life and hope.

I see a similiarity between this and a momentous event recorded in the Old Testament, the first Passover and the subsequent Exodus ( Exodus chapter 12). The big picture is, the Israelites were to select a lamb without blemish, and sacrificed it, one to a household, they had to apply the blood of the lamb over their door posts , in the shape of an inverted U.

  Hebraic alphabet  Hei. This was the way the people were to apply the blood over the door posts.

This would be a sign which

would keep them safe from the Angel of Death , which God would send all over Egypt ,in judgement of their refusal to let the enslaved Israelites leave the country. The whole family would eat the roasted lamb and be ready to move out the next day, delivered from slavery, into new life with God leading them.

 看:   出 埃 及 記 12 章 ((

耶 和 华 逾 越 节)

A Blessed Season to Everyone.   祝新年蒙恩


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