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Another Hua Mulan (花木蘭) ?

There are at least 2 famous Chinese women who disguised themselves as men and did things not meant for them. Their stories have been portrayed in media many times.  One was the mythical Ju Ying Tai, and who killed herself at the tomb of her love on her wedding day (aka  story of the "Butterfly Lovers") . The other is, of course, Hua Mulan,  a famous lady in Chinese history, who  disguised herself as a man and went to war as a soldier in place of her aging father. This was indeed daring in the time when women stayed home, didn't study much and of course be confined to the home and domestic duties. The motivation for her daring was most likely her filial piety and courage.

Deborah (底 波 拉) was a prophetess and a judge over the  Israelites (a political leader, in other words).  In those days, in a patriarchal society, it was a great rarity for a woman to be a governer over her nation.  She even led an army to war  when her military commander refused to battle without her! ( Judges chapters 4-5; 士 師 記 4,5).  After the victory against the Canaanites, a long, beautiful poem was written, ascribing glory to God.  This shows that Deborah's confidence, and daring came from faith in the God she believed in.

Judges 5:2-3   "When the princes in Israel take the lead, 

  when the people willingly offer themselves— 

  praise the LORD!   "Hear this, you kings! Listen, you rulers, I will sing to  the  LORD, I will sing;  I will make music to  the LORD, the God of Israel.

Judges 5:31   "So may all your enemies perish, O LORD!

       But may they who love you be like the sun

       when it rises in its strength."      士 師 記 5:2-3   因 為 以 色 列 中 有 軍 長 率 領 , 百 姓 也 甘 心 犧 牲 自 己 , 你 們 應 當 頌 讚 耶 和 華 !  君 王 啊 ,要 聽 !王 子 啊 , 要 側 耳 而 聽 !我 要 向 耶 和 華 歌 唱 ;我 要 歌 頌 耶 和 華 ─ 以 色 列 的 神 。

士 師 記 5:31 耶 和 華 啊 , 願 你 的 仇 敵 都 這 樣 滅 亡 ! 願 愛 你 的 人 如 日 頭 出 現 , 光 輝 烈 烈 !

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