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All's Well that Ends Well?

Hmm... Now that the dust has settled over "Next Stop, Happiness" or "Autumn's Concerto", my mind runs over the story line, and as challenged in a book I'm reading, what values can we see portrayed, and how do we help others to see these?

Somehow the 2 main characters had such a huge popularity, I can only say God was blessing Wu Jian Hao for his obedience to God's word. I too was very much attracted to the story and the screen couple. I also saw the great acting by Van Ness, despite the sweat and the tears over the Chinese script! ( All the more I'm convinced of God 's hand in this.)

 BUT,... in the story, Mu Chen was a single mother, and Guang Xi's mother was a meddlesome, manipulative person.  So,  as we all know, for Christians, pre-marital sex is a No No, ( so is extra-marital sex), and the little cherub of a son was born out of wedlock. Our society takes all these in without a blink. I can almost hear, "It's quite the usual thing, what's the big deal? You are a prude!!".  In Ancient China, such a woman would be drowned. In the Bible, the woman would be stoned to death too. What happens to the men? Don't know... probably go unpunished.

And the way Guang Xi coerced  Mu Chen to marry him by sending the other man into prison, sent shudders through my mind. How could he do that,  and expect to live as husband to Mu Chen after that?

Marriage is a solemn promise, before God, for Christians," to live  for better, for worse, until death separates us "  This is to be life-long, and undergirded by love and mutual respect, no room for such high-handedness. Does a 'live happily ever after " ending cause us to overlook the fault-lines?

The story was captivating, with many emotion-charged scenes, A1 entertainment. Yet as Christians, we need to remember deviations from God's values, even as we get entertained.

Sorry, Van Ness!!     But I'm still your fan      


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