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Blog: Wednesday, Aug 13



I accompanied Vanessa for her break at work yesterday. It was great catching up over a meal, talking about our current situations and thoughts. I am happy to see her finally recovering from the emotional turmoil she suffered for one year.

We talked and laughed about the many happenings. At a point of time I was reminded of someone who I have blogged about and I shared with her my sentiments with regards to this person.. She told me so...Read more

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Republic Polytechnic, Semester 1, AY0809 E44P

Ah Fat - FACEBOOK BOWLING BUDDY. WOOT. Gabriel - Remember me, lover. Just kidding.

Seven - Don't bully Ye Yu! Hahaha.


Shifaya - Crazy woman. hahahahah!

Sean - cui dot com! Haha.

Jonathan - take more initiative in teamwork? You definitely can do better than what you are doing at present.

Yingying - come to schoooooooooooooooooooooool!

Jingyi - Sometimes I find you scary, when you are deeply engrossed in your work. But ...Read more

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You have been cold to me recently.

Do clarify things with me.

I treasure our friendship.

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The relief facilitator for my digital electronics module was ridiculous.

  1. No vulgarities unless you are contented with a F grade for the day.

  2. Walks around asking our opinions regarding the work, when we are in the most active part of the discussion.

  3. This toot facilitator screwed up my presentation. My team did 2 circuits, with Input 0 to Switch A and Input 0 to Switch 7. That ___________ kept on insisting that I was presenting the first config, when I was talking about the 2nd config. Read more

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I blew up Jianming's circuit during lab session today.

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Clazziquai - Last Tango

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuVDlBqmvxY'If I may hold the time, we will have this last dance.'

Previous recommendations of Clazziquai - Romeo N Juliet.


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The brief encounter with _______ became the light that shone on me, bringing the much-needed solace for a bad school day.

Just that, you did not know, I did not show.

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giving up w/o trying.

做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦做梦...Read more

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罗志祥 feat. 徐熙娣 —— 恋爱达人

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQyVWkr0tpQ


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Something happened in class today, which can be recorded in the annuals as the biggest joke of the year. Our facilitation lecturer will probably die of depression if she gets wind of it. The pain of having failed in the guidance of a student is enough to kill any teacher.

I wanna play music again.

I sense a storm brewing over at my paternal aunt's place.

I am increasingly confused by myself towards love.

I don't have the urge to throw that ring away yet.

When LEO sat by my side I was neutral... enjoyed ...Read more

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Thank you.

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