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Thank you.

She will prefer you calling her Apple, rather than her Chinese name.

Born, raised and living in Singapore for 18 years and counting. True-blooded Singaporean Chinese, frequently mistaken as Mainland Chinese / Japanese / Korean.

Musically trained in both western and chinese classical music, played the piano and the yangqin. Writes incessantly, even though sometimes her writing fail to make any sense. Enjoys Korean popular music, even though her vocab is limited to "Hello", "Pig", "Idiot", "Love", "Rice", "Bye". Her badminton racket is left somewhere rusting after leaving the school interest group, because she hurt her back by sitting down for 3 hours just to make origami for a ______.

She wears a ring on her left ring finger, causing misunderstandings that she is attached. But no, it is just to remind herself of the stupid mistakes she made in the past.

For now I end it here, more can be found in her blog.

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Thank you.

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