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New selections for DEAD SHADOWS !!

Hey !!

My new film as an actor, DEAD SHADOWS, has been selected in five festivals in three months, we're very happy about it... It was screened in Sitges Fantastic Film Festival this october, a dream come true.

The trailer can be seen in the previous post !

The director and I are already working on a new project... Wait and see.

Check out my new DEMO REEL below !!

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New film, new CD

Hi everyone !!

My new film "Dead Shadows" has just been screened at this year's Cannes Film Festival ! The film will be released theatrically in Japan, and is being shown in Paris in september.

Here's the trailer :


Also, my instrumental rock band Fugu Dal Bronx has released its Ep "Ti Nedo To Xtro". It's available here :

And here's a cool promotional video for the album :


I'll probably be coming to Hong Kong this summer.

See ya !!

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My New Film

Check out below the pictures of me shooting Die Die My Darling, a new short film directed by François Gaillard ! I'm the bad guy in the film.

...and this is my acting official website :

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This is the first demo of my FUGU DAL BRONX project.

Check it out !

title : "Musoo"

written by Rurik Sallé

Fugu Dal Bronx is :

violin : Marie-Anne Favreau

bass: Franck Barraud

drums: Alex

guitar: Rurik Sallé


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Every week, I'm hosting two shows on

This one's called LA SEMAINE CINEMAD, and this is the first one for 2010 !

That one's a little special...

But, if you've seen Johnnie To 杜琪峰 's movie Vengeance 復仇... Video:

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Here are two short clips from The Avenging Conscience, the D.W. Griffith film shot in 1914.

For a new release of the movie, I composed and arranged the music, and played the guitar, bass, piano and guzheng. Two cool girls played the violin and cello.

It was released in France in september 2009 on DVD. A couple of other film soundtracks I did aired on TV in 2010. Video:


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I am hosting two popular weekly shows on, the website of the legendary, 36 years old french crazy movie magazine. I have done about 180 shows so far, and next week will be the first one for this new year.

LA SEMAINE CINEMAD is on wednesdays, and is all about the new "Mad" movie releases.

PANORAMAD is on weekends, and includes news, new trailers and box office.

And, yeah... it's in french ! But I guess you can appreciate some stuff, including a kick, a song, and a 任达华, in these three videos below !




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The Avenging Conscience soundtrack !!

Hey !

Here's the link to some tracks from my soundtrack for the silent 1914 D.W. Griffith movie, The Avenging Conscience, adapted from Edgar Poe.

I wrote the music, and played the guitar, bass, piano and guzheng. Two cool girls played violin an cello.

The DVD has been released in France last september !

I did some more movie soundtracks since, and I'm looking forward to working on some Hong Kong projects ![](/attachments/2010/01/08/09/524426_201001080915331.thumb.jpg)

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Hey !

Hey everyone !

I guess everything about me is in my profile, but let me welcome you to my page !

Hope we can meet around in HK, or Paris, soon...


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