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Ruby Lin has performed as a film star, television star, singer, television host, and commercial actor, establishing herself as a versatile performer. In 1998, her performance as Zi Wei in the extremely successful television series Huan Zhu Ge Ge brought her out into the spotlight. She followed with the film Killing Two Birds with One Stone, Xue Ting Zhan Jing and the television series, Three Kingdoms, Da Li Princess, Boy and Girl, Ban Sheng Lu, as well as many others excellent works. She has won numerous awards in Hong Kong and Taiwan for her film and television


2007 Ye Mei Gui 2004 Two Birds With One Stone 2003 Wo Ai Tian Shang Ren Jian 2001 Shuang Mian Qing Ren 2000 Xue Ting Zhan Jing 1999 Guai Tan Zhi Mo Jing

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