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  • Malaysian-Chinese.23.Actor.Dec08 BCA ContemparoryArts(Theatre Major).

    *Contestant in Reality Show called Anak Wayang for Astro Ria -Top5
    *Mini Drama: Lembing&Layang (Astro Citra)-KL Motion Pic.-Nov 09'
    Current city: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    *Current: Drama Gerak PGM-Apr 2010
    *Telemovie "Bengang" for RTM/8th March - 11th March 2010
    *Tanah Di Baruh TV2-21st Mac 2010
    *Drama Lagenda Budak Setan The Series (airing)
    *Telemovie- Qalbu (to be aired Sept 16th)...

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  • the Kitchen

    Monday, Mar 12, 2012 4:38PM / Standard Entry / Members only

    I believe kitchen is the heart to a restaurant. Do you agree? It was fun with lots of smiles although the kitchen is crowded with chefs and lots of food to be served. I could never imagine myself being in the kitchen multi-tasking. Not saying I can’t multi-task, but dealing with the food and probably culinary [...]

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