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Fyi, Ruby is the biggest fan in the Sushi world. Sushi plays a great deal in her food life. :P


That is the honesty I can clarify.

It’s been a month plus? Since Cindy, Eri & I had hang out. Due to Eri’s too-busy-ed schedule, Cindy asked me if I’d liked to hang out, and I myself ‘ajak-ed’ myself to her apartment and we watched movie together-gether.Read more

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Siapa kata mendaki gunung itu senang? Sama lah dengan mencapai impian.

Ruby tak pernah terfikir bahawa Ruby akan dapat melayakkan diri ke peringkat Top 5 itu. Antara sebanyak 4000 lebih orang yang menyertai Anak Wayang.. Antara 25 orang.. Antara Top 5…

Honestly. Wow. Look how far I have come to. The journey. Shootings. Dua scrīpts for Pentas Anak Wayang. Green Screen. Lima puluh Episode scrīpts untuk drama “Kecuali CintaMu”. Dalam jangka masa 3minggu. Wow. Seriously.


Put your own hands toge...Read more

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Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

JasonMraz Lyrics I'm yours Lyrics

ImYours - Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz. 31years old. Born and raised in Virginia, US.Singer-Songwriter. Music Influences: pop, rock, folk, jazz, and hiphop. - Sources taken from Wikipedia.org.

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Missing him.

He is not Jackie. I am doing researches on my final project onmy Photography and the theme is "Wind".. and I found this onDeviantart. It strike me now.. that he's left. But somehow, I feelhe is still living.. Living in me i feel.

: http://j9bbe.deviantart.com/ (Photo credited to j9bbe).Read more

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Long Live Time.

shadow of me waiting at a bus stop

Yeap. Long live time.

Time kills...

when you find out that you only have two months of time to live.

when you want your assignments to finish whereas you don't want to think.

when you're sitting in class listening to lecturers talking.

when you know you have to wait for ...Read more

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Sien. Camwhore CaN??

Knowing that next week everything is going to be hectic.Assignments, la. Work due, la. Journals due, la. Directing classsusah, la. Pin hole photographs due, la. etc, lor. So yea, I sien.So I camwhore just now and edited this. Kamsiah.


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Random Post


Old train track. Where I sometimes walked pass

This is where I stood


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How I wish I have that star right beside my 'big' name there~ Will do~~ Will really work hard to BE an actor.. Wish me the best! Cheers~ ;)

Here's some stars 'visiting' my liltle lonesome blog..  XD teehee



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We Talked.

I will wait.


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"i love you"

"Wut cha doin sayang?"

"I miss you sayang!"

"I love you very much my baby"

"..know that i love you.."

"I think we are being really emotional now.. can we please talkthis thru?"

"i love you too.."

"nitey nite sayang.."


"I miss you too honey.."


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Malaysian-Chinese.23.Actor.Dec08 BCA ContemparoryArts(Theatre Major). *Contestant in Reality Show called Anak Wayang for Astro Ria -Top5 *Mini Drama: L


english, cantonese, mandarin, malay, hokkien
June 27, 2007