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:: south afrika ::

helloooooooooooooo... been a while, yes it has... Sorry.. been doing a whole lot of nothing as well as somethings.

Just got back from South Africa, Durban (where World Cup 2010 is gonna be held!) for a shoot. it was a small role but I enjoyed it thoroughly nonetheless.

Its called the Philanthropist. an 8 part series for US channel NBC about a philanthropist who goes around trying to help people. the episode I was in is set in Burma so this is me in South Africa pretending to be Burmese in pretend Burma!

Here are some pics. View from the hotel.

Looks so pretty right?? But once you're on the beach, things get kinda dangerous. well, during the day's ok, but once the sun starts setting, like around 4 or 5, beach cops will ask you to start heading back towards ur hotel. Nightfall is when all the bad guys come out to play.

Was kinda bummed out when we only had a layover in capetown, coz I heard capetown had the world's best sunsets and I really wanted to check that out.. but then when i got to durban, I saw the soccer stadium being constructed and I thought, awesome! I still can't believe I didn't take a single photo of it... but.. I got a mini version of it!!

a sand stadium!!! yepz, that looks almost like the real thing!!! I'm not sure if all stadiums look like that, but the one in durban looks like that.

Some random pics of Durban now.  Me posing with trash.

That's me terrorising the Durban pigeons! A funny thing happened. we were just goofing around with the pigeons and I mean so they flap around here and there but then suddenly, ALL OF THEM flew away. like one second they were there, and u blink and they're gone! so we were like wtf happened right. And then 20 seconds later, it started to rain cats n dogs. like big time. The damn pigeons knew man!

This little girl is soooooo bee-yoo-tee-fool I almost wanted to be like Angelina Jolie and take her home. I didn't know she was smiling for the photo coz usually when i ask a kid to take a photo with me, more often than not, they have terrified looks on their faces. maybe my crazy hair scares them. But this one, what a sweet smile!!

I could sit on this pier for hours on end. ok maybe not HOURS. But I hung around on it for a good 30 minutes before I got hungry and went off to look for some food.

Will ya look at that! I am definitely a beach girl! .... and a snowboard girl in winter. :p

Then at work...

My own little trailer!! I'm not trying to show off but.. ok, maybe just a little bit. :p 

I don't know if this happens in the rest of asia but it sure don't happen in Singapore! My own bed and maybe the toilet looks nasty in the pic but it was really very clean.

This was part of the set. It was too big and I didn't have any pockets to carry my camera around so I didn't get a lotta pics.

Myo! Our Burmese language coach! oh, and a real burmese exile living in Joburg now! he has crazier hair than me.

Edric, another actor from Singapore and our lead guy, James.

Sorry to scare you, no make up! Me and Alain from LA, who plays my brother.

Screen shot of me after being hit and screamed at by Alain.

On our last day, we visited the safari. Hluhluwe & Umfolozi Game Reserve. I don't know if its the biggest but it's one of the oldest safaris in South Africa and its #%^&%# HUGE!! Didn't see any lions unfortunately but saw other cool animals!

And of course when you go on a safari, you HAVE to go in your best safari appropriate outfit!

I saw this and I was like RHINO! and the Rhino turned and looked right at us. Our guide Thami gasped and whispered, "Ros, this is not a zoo! They're wild and will attack us!"

An african elephant! The safari signs didn't say beware of lions or leopards or anything. Instead, the signs said "Elephants in this park are extremely dangerous!" can u imagine? First elephant i've ever seen with tusks.

Random note: I had a classmate who wanted to name her daughter Elephant. She said if you didn't think about the animal, the word itself sounds quite pretty. and we could all call her daughter Ella for short. so I was like why don't u just name her Ella. Ella's gonna hate you when she grows up.

This right here, is the elephant's best friend. What issit? well, Its a beetle. But a very special beetle. its a DUNG beetle. Oh yes, so it rolls around in poop. finds a nice round one, and starts rolling it away... That particular one was moving quite fast. I don't know where its taking its shitball but it sure was in a hurry!

Do you ever see this at the zoo?? Noooooo... the zoo animals never move... these wild little thingers just moved so gracefully I could cry. I want to be a giraffe with their pretty eyelashes!!

And then my favourite... well its a close shot between the zebras and the dung beetle. Look at the female so loving with her partner! Do you see that at the zoo?? NOOOOoooo..... all they ever do is just eat eat and eat!! I assume that's the female with her chin on her man coz when we drove up, the one in front kinda ran in front of her protectively. Do you see THAT at the zoo? NOOOOO....

.lost for words.

That's real lion skin right thurrrr and a tuft of its armpit hair ( do lions have armpit hair?) on the top right of the pic. I was kinda scared to touch it. I was a zebra. it might eat me!

so fun. weather perfect.

Edric called this the sunbathing zebra photo.

And.... THAT'S ALL FOLKS! Till next time!!






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:: PowdeRRRrrr Party ::

So a bunch of friends and I went to Mt. Naeba in Japan for a weekend of snowboarding except that this was an organised event for 200 snowboarders/skiiers.

We coulda taken the shinkansen (bullet train) which woulda taken 1.5 hours but we decided to take the bus (which took 5 hours) that the organisers had chartered to ride with the rest of the 200 people. it was fun but we were dead tired by the time we got to Naeba.

This was a pic taken on the bus. That's my friend's hat. And after I put it on, she told me it was artic fox on my head. I almost vomited and gave the fur hat back to her right away.

That's us in the bus. Everybody spoke English (I guess coz the organisers were white and invited a lotta English speaking friends) and you just didn't feel like u were in japan.

All covered up. Guess which is me!!

Ok, that's me.

What a beautiful day. Super blue skies. We went up to the summit coz we had heard the view was beautiful. HOWEVER, the only way down were black and red slopes. The red slopes were JAMPACKED with people and it wasn't like just one way down. it was like a narrow winding road all the way down for at least 20 min so there was literally a human traffic jam with people at corners waiting for the road to clear so they didn't run over the ones who fell over. We decided to go down the black slopes on our butts. We made it down alive. :)

What a view. And I promise you, the real thing was 10 times more amazing than that. It sure took my breath away~

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:: Beaches and Peaches ::

Ok, I dunno what to say here except I had a KICK ASS time in the phillippines. I LOVE beaches and I think beaches love me coz I didn't get burnt bad at all, the sun, the sand, the sea was just perfect!

Words cannot describe my trip so here are some pics.

First stop: Palawan!!

Ok, that's not the island I was on but that's the only pic of an island I have. So pretend that's it.

Chillin on these wonderful hammocks that were EVERYWHERE. I love listening to music and I come from Singapore which is a busy city so when I first got to the island, I was thinking, ok ok pretty beach, so what else is there to do?? But then i realised I'm supposed to just enjoy the beach with no interference from anything.

Roz sits there. ::quiet:: hmmm ::quiet:: ARRGGHHH!!!! (screams for fun) ::still quiet:: ok.. i guess this is it. ::dead quiet::

After an hour, i could finally just lie there in the quiet, listening to the waves. BEAUTIFUL.

My beach

Have you ever noticed how your legs always tan faster than the rest of your body? I was trying to even that out with the knee high socks. :p don't laugh! It was a private beach! nobody saw!! and I don't get it. My legs were still darker than the rest!

Passing out on the patio/deck/whatever you call these outdoorsy thingys.

Watching the sea at sunset. Those are not pimples on my back. those are water droplets. :p

When it gets dark, one needs to find activities to entertain oneself.

So that's me climbing a coconut tree. But being the chicken that I am, I didn't get to the top. But hey, I got halfway and when the ground got too dark to see, I thought I better make my way back down.

Next Stop: Boracay

My hotel. How cute is the sign!!

The Beach

A hat i bought off this man on the beach.

wow. 30 min painful horse ride for this. Totally worth it.

Sea snake in a bat cave!! Sorry but the bat photos didn't out well so this is all you get.

Entertainment for the night. Dancing filipino style. I thought my legs were gonna get clipped off!! But it was super fun.

Fire Lady. Very impressive.

Last stop: Palau!!

I wish I could show you all the pics but there are just tooooo many!!

yes I know I'm not supposed to touch them but really, this cuttlefish kept swimming around my legs.. really really close to shore. not scared at all! super friendly. This is the only thing i touched, i swear!

my favourite nemos in the most beautiful anemone i've ever seen.

russians drinking on board our dive boat.

Russian chilling.

Russian cutting birthday cake russian style.

Russian taking videos with a towel to protect his head from the ceiling.

Russian dancing russian style with dive helmet on his head.

Russian puking off the boat.

Russian dancing russian style

Russian dancing a gentle waltz of some sort. I didn't get it, but I hoped he wasn't naked under his robe.

Crazy russian suddenly grabs me. you can see my toes curled in horror. I now know how a cavewoman being dragged by the hair feels like.

Swinging another victim around.

And then....


Jellyfish Lake

Shark and Manta Ray

Turtle being followed by not sure what fish and bumperhead!!

Me trying to convince the bumperhead to swim over.

The Live-a-board.

Ok, that's all for today.. that was a LOT of photos.. Gonna leave you guys with some videos.

Hmmm.. can't figure out how to upload my own videos.. soooo... lemme figure that out and post it another day.


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:: Love Matters ::

Jack Neo's latest movie is out!

Well it was out like 3 weeks ago but i forgot to blog about it. :)

Remember my previous entry about a movie I was working on called Republic of Happiness? Well, It's called Love Matters now. Catch it if you can!

Me and one of my best friends posing under the poster!! Sorry the pics are blur.. her camera sucks~. :p

Oh and I'm gonna upload some phillippines pics like I promised! AGES AGO!

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:: Republic of Happiness ::

At least that's what I think the title of this new movie is called. If nothing changes, that's what its going to be called.

Shot entirely in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, here are some photos from the movie!

Looking all sweet and innocent for this scene. (I need to learn to stand with my legs closed.)

As you can see, its a very hot day. I'm lucky because I get to wear a sleeveless dress but look at poor Derong, who has to wear a very hot long sleeved sweater AND jeans!



This scene looks like fun but its the hottest place on set. There's no ventilation whatsoever. Instead of a smoke machine, we used smoke from charcoal to create the smokey effect. Its very smelly. And everyone is sweating heaps but I guess the actors have to look like they're really into the scene instead of thinking about the sweat dripping down our backs under our clothes. Put a bird in this room and I'm sure it won't be able to glide in the still stale air, it'll have to flap its wings like crazy just to get from one end of the room to the other.

There was one shot, I had to climb over him with a little knife and I kinda bumped into him accidentally and I said, sorry, and he said its ok but your nails sure are sharp. and I whispered very apologetically, my nails are short. i stabbed you with the knife. Derong was like WHAT!!!! u KNIFED ME! But he was tied up on the table, so he couldn't do a thing!


He is ready for the sacrifice. You can see the fan in the background and portable aircon vents too but we were pnly allowed to use them when camera wasn't rolling. So the sweat on Derong was real.


Chilling with make up artist Yami on a comfy swing during breaks. Little kids who saw us ran off when they saw the scary make up. Especially when we shot the night scenes.


Our very energetic and passionate director, Mister Jack Neo. Ok, that's not a very good picture of him but its all I have. And the back of my head with my super dry hair.


Derong and I. Shocked that it was my last day of shoot!


The lovely Auntie Ming who just got nominated Best Actress for the Golden Horse Awards in one of Jack Neo's movies. Congratulations!


Like one fifth of the crew we managed to gather to take this picture. The rest were running around the house like little children on imaginary toy horses. Working, of course. (I still haven't learned to stand with my legs closed.)

Movie will be out around Chinese New Year 2009! Unfortunately, I think it will only be out in Singapore and Malaysia.

Thanks for sticking around! More pics to come soon from my trip to the Philippines!

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:: faeries of the big blue ::

Sorry I haven't blogged for so long.

kinda forgot, kinda lazy.

Here are some funny photos of a shoot I did in Tioman, Malaysia.

But first, Lemme introduce to you, the crazy photographer, Aaron.

NExt, this is one of the looks during the fittings. BOO~!!

And another one.

No the look is not complete yet... I'm not going in with a hairnet.

This is the complete look, with extra armpit hair that came off the wig I'm wearing. Geisha under the sea. Very nice.

Don't have to wear any pants coz its just a close up of the face.

And handing my life over to these boys. They have to pull me to the exact spot because if I swim, my hair will come off.

Almost forgot to add. We went underwater about 4 - 8 metres I think. And we went down with a mask that had no strap, just placing it on our faces so that the make up doesn't rub off. And we also had a regulator which we breathed air from, but once the photographer signalled to us that he was ready, all of that had to come off and every 10 - 20 seconds, the regulator would be popped back into our mouths. Its super scary to have thoughts that you might run out of air and shoot up, which is a very dangerous thing to do. But so very exciting all the same!! 

The Next Look ::Tinkerbell ::


::faerie in the water::


That's all folks!! Time to PARTAY!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Will let you guys see the actual photos underwater when i get them!





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. home sweet home .

YAYYY!!! I'm finally back in Singapore. I'm gonna miss the food in Japan, but not quite so soon.

Home sweet home. Its goooood to be home.. but it seems everytime I'm back on homeground, I never have any time to breathe.

Was looking through my photo folders when I got back and I found a picture of when I was in Hongkong where I was quite starstruck. I met....

Mister Josh Harnett. So handsome and so tall.

I also saw a group of cute guys. I'm a fan of course.


And then there was...

Ok I feel so bad  I don't know his name (korean names are hard to remember!) but for those who don't know (though I'm sure you do), he's a korean actor!

I traumatised all of them by forcing them to take photos with me. MWahahahhahaha...

Ok smell ya laterzzzz! gonna roll around in my much missed bed.

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:: Missing ::

To be honest, I have no idea what this trailer is trying to say, haha. but here you go anyway!!


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。東京ドリフト VROOM VROOM 。

Checked out the Tokyo Drift D1 Race last weekend in Odaiba. Thought I was gonna be bored off my tits but turned out to be pretty fun and exciting. It was really hot though, and we all kinda got sunburns.

Here are the freeze frames of the day:

Check out what this car can do! How scary is that? I wouldn't wanna be in there if something went wrong with the car. (* - *)

And then you have the toy car version.

Here's some shots of the drifters. If only I took videos. It was really exciting!!

I sooooooooo don't want to be those cameramen!! What if the cars lost control???!!!

A group ( I think the they sang the initial D movie theme song for the Japanese version) and you can't really see but I LOVE her shoes! Its neon pink, but it turned out not so neon in the photo.

Me with some rice rocket girls! Pity you can't see their whole outfit.. they had some crazy leg gear man!! And they are sooo skinny, I am a hippo next to them!

This is the only picture I took of the cars that were displayed there. Sorry, someone walked into the pic.

There was a break and people were sleeping everywhere!!

My friends and I chose to do something more interesting. Take pictures of...

Guess what that is?

Skin from my friend's foot! It's sooooooooo gross!!!!

And then there was the toilets which i thought was really interesting too. You can watch all the boys pee!!!

haha.. the little kid's watching his dad pee. at EYE LEVEL too!!! Yes I am a closet perv. wait... No... I think I'm just a perv.

That's all I have for you guys today! Smell ya guys later!!!


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。 Singapore Girl 。

Look what I found! My friend sent me this.

Its a still of a short film that I did like, gasp 6 years ago! How time flies! My very first short film. Its called Singapore Girl.

Someone did it up and made it into some kinda poster.

I'm the innocent looking girl on the left with the village skirt, in case you were confused. :)

And yes yes, I know I'm supposed to upload pics of the Tokyo Drift Race I went to see, but there are quite a few photos and I'm soooo lazy!!

TOMORROW!! 明日ね!!バイバイ!

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