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Speaking at WeWork event organized by Granite Ventures on Tuesday July 14. I'll be talking about the history of Rotten Tomatoes. Please come check it out if you are in town! Thanks!

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Talk I did for Vator Splash Oakland 2015 on the virtues of bootstrapping. Check it out if you have time! =)

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We're looking for a great network programmer! Please contact me if you know of anyone that would be a good fit. Thanks!

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My friend Jeanne Hartman is returning to Hong Kong to hold more 2-day acting workshops! One on May 16-17 and one on May 23-24.

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My friend Lyle Fong's house is on sale. Take a look if you're looking to buy in the East Bay.

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For friends living in Shanghai. If interested, please contact Paul Lee at plee@apple.com. Thanks!

Senior Communication Specialist, Retail Communication, Asia 39010405 Shanghai Mar 16, 2015

Description: Job Summary You want to shape communication content that improves someone’s ability to perform at their highest potential and, when needed, you have the leadership skills to manage others to do the same. You understand the value of communication to a complex, global retail organization and consisten...Read more

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article for e27

Here's an article I wrote for the e27 technology blog:

http://e27.sg/2013/02/03/startups-luck-and-poker/[if gte mso 9]> Normal/w:View 0/w:Zoom false/w:SaveIfXMLInvalidRead more

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August 4, 2005

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