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kt tunstall

heard her song "suddenly i see" on the radio while i was back in the bay area and found the song on youtube. i love her voice! really sexy...

check out these songs:

also looked her up on wikipedia. she's half-chinese! cool! need to get her on our site down the road....

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Yul Kwon For Resolution Calling on Japan to Apologize

my friend eric byler asked me to forward along this video he made with yul kwon about comfort women:

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wushu pain

MOOD: Tired


| Entry | so i arrived in hk around 7am. got home around 8am. unpacked and took a shower. 9am. decided to go to work rather than crash so that i'd adjust back to hk time quicker. walked down to mc'ds and grabbed breakfast and went into work.

huge backlog on articles (business) that i caught up on. then spent a few hours catching up on email. got a TON of follow up emails that i need to write from all my meetings in the bay area. that will take another 2 days most likely.

at 7:3...Read more

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hong kong

going back to hk at 1am. man this was a tiring trip! averaging about 4-5 meetings per day! saw just about everyone. gonna crash hard on the plane. byebye!

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back in the usa

i'm back! my days are SUPER PACKED... ack. hopefully i'll be able to see you all while i am here. might be back end of april too.....

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email from kelly

Dear Friends,

Take a moment, and watch this short video..it's sickening and so

sad...it's shameless. Afterwards I know you will feel inclined to

petition along with over half a million others to stop this horrible

overfishing conduct in Japan.

WEBSITE:  http://www.glumbert.com/media/dolphin

I will forward this although I usually ignore these kind of emails. I

have been following the news of the Japanese whal...Read more

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good article

i believe this is correct. and unfortunately, i think i always believed in the intelligence side (hence, giving up too easily):


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san fran int'l asian american film festival


Here are the ones I'm planning to go to:

Thr 3/15

7-8:30pm Finishing the Game [Castro]

Sat 3/17

2:30-4pm Panel 2 Web2.0 [Opera Plaza]

6-8pm Shanghai Kiss [Castro]

Sun 3/18

7:30-9pm - Tre [Van Ness 8]

Mon 3/19

8:15-11:15pm - Dragon Boys [Van Ness 7]

I bought 2 tickets to all of those events and 4 ...Read more

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hong bao (red envelope)

not sure if this exists yet ... there should be a site where people can send ecards during chinese new year AND also attach e-money via paypal or some other electronic payment system.

basically for chinese families that aren't together over the chinese new year holiday.....

if you took a small cut for each one sent out (say, $0.10) ... i'd bet you still do quite well.

of course, this site would only really be used like .... 2 weeks out of the year.

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ohana means family!

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